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upload problems

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Still more trouble.  After an upload of 20 on Monday 12th, that never appeared.   I e-mailed MS and asked them to check if they had been received.  On 13th I received a reply saying that they had not.



So on Tuesday 13th I uploaded 5 as a test.  The 5 took some time to appear but eventually came to "Awaiting QC".   I then uploaded a further 22 images and these went through to "Awaiting QC"


So last evening I had the following:


Top Line            13th   22 Images "Awaiting QC"

Second Line      13th     5  Images  "Awaiting QC"


This morning it reads:


Top Line          14th   25 Images "Processing"

Second Line    13th    22 Images  "Awaiting QC"


How can this be??


I have e-mailed MS to enquire.


I uploaded 20 (which failed once at 5 and once at 20) and are now showing as 85 awaiting QC!!!

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I reuploaded the original 15 in my OP and again they didnt work. Did it again yesterday morning and they worked so i had 15 received. I now have 75!!!!! processing with yesterdays media ref changed to todays date. Going to try again. This is really not good enough that this issue is 2 days old and not even being acknowledged as a problem


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We seem to have an issue where images are taking longer to process than usual. We're currently looking into this and hope to resolve the problem soon.


If you have uploaded images and they haven't shown up in your ‘Track Submissions’ page, they will show up soon.


Please don't re-upload images that are not appearing yet, as it will cause further delays. 


Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.





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Alamy, thank you for the heads up!


Now, all the missing submissions are showing up on my end.


... and a question for Alamy; how long should we be waiting before we start thinking about re-uploading? These wouldn't be the first submissions of mine that have vanished and have never appeared ever. My first thought would be to try re-uploading before I bothered anybody at HQ. Lord knows, I've caused enough grief as it is.

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Just another interesting point. I did an FTP upload last evening for 10 images. There were frequent interruptions and in the end 9 were successful and 1 failed. This morning I have just checked and it shows that 13 are Awaiting QC. I guess I'll just wait and see what has got through and possibly duplicated and then sort it from there.


Jim. ;)  

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Tried three times today to upload 14 images and they are showing as successfully uploaded but fail to show on Track your Submissions.


I have sent an email to MS and wait for their reply.


Is anyone else having the same problem??



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Same problem here on first upload of 4 images. After the first batch did not show up, I uploaded a second time.

I should have read this thread first, as the post of admin said "do not upload a second time, that will delay it further". 

Will be patiently waiting for my upload to succeed. 

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