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Greetings from Itotonbo Studios

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I am known as Itotonbo Studios in the world of photography. I'm a recently approved contributor here at Alamy. I'm slowly adding to my portfolio and will be including models in my images in the next month or two. I also hope to improve my keywording skills, very possibly by bribing my sister with photos for her writing while I get the hang of it. ;)


The forums here look friendly, and my experiences with Alamy staff have been positive. I hope to learn from the experience of those who've seen the changes in stock sites, and grow with those who are newer to the industry. I am glad to be working alongside you all.


Hope you enjoy your day,


Itotonbo Studios

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Welcome. I'm glad you are thinking about your keywording from the start. Sometimes it takes a while for people to realize its importance and it can be challenging to catch up.



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Thanks for the welcomes. Keywording is definitely a dark art to me and easily becomes overwhelming if I let it.


I appreciate the tip about the name and location. The river has now been identified on that image, and the harbour has been identified in one of the others. I'll be watching that on similar images.

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Although of course we tweak keywords all the time as a result of keeping an eye on customer searches, it saves an awful lot of time to get them right first time. You can go back to a few dozen, but 5000 is another matter.

That said, most searches leading to sales are quite specific, so the key details are important. Kipling comes to mind.

What and Why and When
spacer.jpg And How and Where and Who.

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