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Your favourite images that you have uploaded in September 2015

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I'm excited that with help from the folks at Alamy News I was finally able to get the Stockimo app to work on my iPhone a couple days ago - no News pix yet but my first selfie and a few others - loving the freedom to play with filters:




(I forgot to put selfie in the keywords - oh well!) 





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Two retired coal miners sit looking over the land that was once their workplace. When the mine closed they both moved to another county in search of work, but that mine closed too.



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Another very nice place to have lunch (Tahitian raw fish and a cold Hinano beer if I may suggest), half legs refreshed into the clear waters of Fakarava's lagoon in French PolynesiaB)


Perfect relaxing conditions between two dives in the Pass. Life can be soooo good…



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Captive bred leaf cutter ants, Atta species, carrying severed foliage back to the nest.  Photographed at Buckfast Butterfly farm, Devon.



Pink autumn blooms of the Kaffir lily, Hesperantha coccinea 'Mrs Hegarty' leaning over flowing water.  Growing as they would in the wild in Southern Africa.



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I love the beach so I had never really thought about finding a lake to swim in but after spending part of the Labor Day holiday weekend at the New Jersey shore, I found this gorgeous lake about half an hour north of my house in suburban New York. My husband and I spent a lovely day there, the water was clean and warm, sun shining and I managed some images with my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix P7000 (useless above ISO 200 but great on a sunny day). These are my three favorites of the group:







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A male Elk watches over the herd as they rest by the side of the Athabasca river in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada




Lake scene on a misty morning in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada



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Hamlet's Grave - a stone's throw from Kronborg Castle (if you are strong enough).. Not very spectacular perhaps - but obtaining a decent result in so wide-ranging light conditions took some time.

(If bewildered, see the description of the image).

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