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Ready images not posted to portfolio

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I've had a number of images, all passed QC, keyworded and subsequently "Ready" hanging around in the queue but not posted to my portfolio or available to the search engine for several days now.


I initially blamed it on the Bank Holiday, but it has been going on for a while.


Anyone else experiencing a problem?


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I readied a batch last Friday, and they didn't go on sale until Tuesday, so I guess the system is slow for some reason. I too figured it was due to the UK holiday.


P.S. Our banks in Canada never go on holiday. They charge interest on loans, etc.even when while we sleep.

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I too had images clear QC on Friday and didn't go in to the portfolio til Tuesday. Usually holidays don't affect the daily updates. Never have for me in the past.




I had it happen two weeks ago (no Bank Holiday) as well. Perhaps the server needs a holiday now and then. Hopefully, it won't go on strike.

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I uploaded a batch yesterday afternoon, and they have now passed QC, and are showing in Manage Images waiting to be keyworded.  However, in My Alamy I have no images waiting to be keyworded.


I don't know whether that's normal.

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