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Windows Picture Viewer in Win 10

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I still have WPV running under Win 10 but it now seems to default to selecting images in alphabetic order, rather than the order in which I arrange the files (normally date modified) in Explorer.  I use this software as it enables me to rapidly compare processed JPGs at either screen or actual pixels size. This is very useful when deciding what to upload.


The new Win 10 default program, Photo something or other, doesn't appear to allow me to change to actual pixels view at a keystroke ( you can change the magnification in chronically slow stages).


Probably simple fixes in both cases but beating me at the moment!


Edit before posting - I have found an Internet solution to the first problem but it involves changing the registry - not happy with that!



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Bryan, if you have Adobe Bridge you can rapidly run through a group of photos by selecting the first of a group, then press the space bar,  it seems to fit the photo to the screen when I do this.  The photos look a little fuzzy on my screen at this stage, but when I mouse click or use the scroll wheel on the photo it zooms in even further.  Then I get a sharp image.  It appears to zoom to around 100% and then you can use the mouse to drag the image.  I then use the left right arrow keys to move forward or back to the next photo.  I do that as my final check before uploading. 

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Thanks Johnnie, I've not used Bridge since buying Lightroom, but it does appear to provide a viable alternative to Windows Picture Viewer. A tad slower in start up, but it does the job.

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