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B.t.w. Eurasian eagle owls live all over Europe, even in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark which aren't exactly mountainous countries  ;)



Sure, some do. But Collins Bird Guide: "Resident in mountains and forests, preferring areas with rocks, steep cliffs and mature trees (preferably conifers); often in rocky archipelagos....Small population of presumed captive origin possibly becoming established in N. Britain." A meadow in England with no sign of any conifers or rocks is hardly representative.

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OP, the old thread you've resurrected was about technical quality and not image critique. Alamy do not edit for content and Arterra's research and keywording is impeccable, so if he says England, it's England, but I'm not sure where else it could be within the range of Bubo Bubo given that the sign is in English.

That's not my point.

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The lynx photos are good but if I was selecting images I would definitely reject that Eagle Owl image. It simply isn't illustrative of an Eagle Owl. They don't land on posts in meadows in England. They live in mountainous areas of Europe and Asia. And personally I don't like the word "footpath" in the picture - it has no relevance to the owl and is a distraction. But perhaps those things don't worry a lot of people.


I also tried some book publishers once but none was interested. One said that they loved my photos but couldn't see what the theme for the book would be. I suppose I can understand that.


I think in future I'll simply refer people who ask me why I don't do something professional with my photos to this discussion.



I LOVE the footpath sign. It seems to remind me that I will never be able to fly like that magnificent bird. As a human I am always relegated to the footpath. I think maybe you took Philippe's advice as criticism. Those of us who have been here a long time know him as unfailingly helpful to the rest of us. I am always grateful that he will spend his very valuable time helping me with keywords. It is very difficult to make money with photography. I think, like me, you love the animals and on this agency you will be competing with people like Steve Bloom, Martin Harvey, Frans Lanting and the National Geographic Collection (as well as Arterra). If you can put images here without making yourself unhappy you could do that but you might be happier with the beauty of the world if you just do it for love. I don't mean to be telling you what to do. I just know that there is a danger of spoiling the joy in artistic things you do by trying to make them a business. That's just my own experience.



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