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Hi all,

I'm returning to Stockimo after a break of a few months and seem to be stuck.


I'm attempting to upload an image from my iPhone 4S library. The Stockimo app recognises the image, uploads it[?] and I'm presented with the caption and tag buttons. From that point on nothing, nada, zilch, bugger all. I can't add any text anywhere. I've reset the phone, logged in and out of Stockimo, waited for five minutes [just in case it's a background thing] but no joy. If I choose next, I get the warning that I haven't added a caption or any tags!


Anyone else have the same experience of can suggest a solution please?



Steve H

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I'm running Stockimo on a 4s with iOS 7.x Occasionally it crashes but that's the only problem I've had so far.


Have you tried restarting your phone? If that doesn't resolve it try deleting the Stockimo app and downloading it again.



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Thanks Betty and FotoDogue - cracked it. The 'app' doesn't work if you have a bluetooth keyboard linked to the device [iPhone or iPad running iOS 8]. Which is stupid when you want to add a lot of keyword tags in a hurry!


Anyway - at least I know.



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