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13/08/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p2, Amazon parcel, BW4X89, Realimage [Alamy credit only]


Thanks yet again Steve.  That was zoomed a day or two back.



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Guardian online 13th


Top 10 European canyons..

ED5KCH - Nave Orgad

BWH5E9 - Paolo Negri

CXA9DA - Plrang GFX

C6TFP5 - Andy Christiani

BECEDD - ImageBROKER or D2950D - Universal Images Group Ltd or B355BA - Niels Poulson Simi1

CTTMCT - Sebastian Wasek or  DGKT36 - Loop Images Ltd


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Florida Beaches all from Alamy - the article is from July but I just spotted it now & don't recall seeing it in the July thread. Beautiful images:




Boneyard Beach - Dawna Moore/Alamy 

Cayo Costa - Purestock/Alamy

Santa Rosa - Ron S. Buskirk/Alamy

Playalinda  - James Schwabel/Alamy

Gasparilla - Marla Holden/Alamy

Caladesi - Charles Crust/Alamy

Pensacola - Colin D. Young/Alamy


I couldn't get the 8th image to load so if you have uncrowded Florida beach images check it out. 

Edited by Marianne
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Daily Mail online 13th


Glories of secret Britain...

CERJBA - Loop Images Ltd

EGKNFD - David Chapman

AR6A08 or B8XPK9 - The National Trust Photolibrary

AX0TFK - Roy Childs

B6JKM7 - Trevor Smithers ARPS

E9KF2D - Mr Standfast

CRN8YC - grabshot.com

ECTPKJ - Carole Drake

DBA5YP - Andrew Baskott

EYDK82 - David J Green

AE5YD7 - Robert Estall Photo agency

BAYHTF - Clynt Garnham Suffolk

A3PB53 - Don Brownlow

APHXMY - Graham Peacock

CPYD5X - John Morris

EKM20E - John Heyward

ABHKTF - Marc Hill

BDW40X - Mr Standfast

CRYXFJ - Jim Laws

AJE7NG - Peter Packer

ERTPG3 - Clive Collie

EKXGDW - Tristan Leverett

DDN0T8 - Heritage Image Partnership Ltd

A6XJYD - Robert Estall photo agency

BBKKE6 - Michael Howell

ERW113 - David Willis

B29H20 - World Pictures

BRXDD0 - Richard Donovan

BF1WPJ - Wolstenholme Images

BKK58P - LH Images

EGFDT5 - Penny Atkinson

AN8WCM - Pearlimage

DEA6G1 - Ian Dagnall


A387W8 - The Photolibrary Wales

DWK0WC - Ian G Dagnall

E6M70B - David Davidson

D31T98 - Angus Alexander Chisholm

BNBGCY - Rick Strange

CY4GH1 - Carolyn Clark

CY4G04 - Cary Clarke


Plus a few I cannot locate





Bainbridge Wensleydale






Applecross Scotland


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Daily Mail online 13th


Glories of secret Britain...


AN8WCM - Pearlimage



Thanks for spotting this one.  It means I can change the pseudo before it gets reported as a sale.




Turns out it was zoomed yesterday.  I don't understand these people who say zooms don't lead to sales.

Edited by Pearl
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Daily Mail online 13th


Glories of secret Britain...


CY4G04 - Cary Clarke


Thanks for spotting that one. First time I've seen one of mine spotted and a first in the Daily Mail (that I'm aware of).


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13 AUG 2015

Image ID : E65MYB

Credit: Hera Food/Alamy

Sliced watermelon on white background
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11 AUG 2015


The 2015 Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the U.S.



Burlington, Vermont

imageBROKER / Alamy


Asheville, North Carolina

W. G. Murray / Alamy


Nashville, Tennessee

Brian Jannsen/Alamy


Baltimore, Maryland

Ian Danall / Alamy


Reno, Nevada

nagelestock.com / Alamy


New Haven, Connecticut

Enigma / Alamy


Hartford, Connecticut

Tribune Content Agency LLC / Alamy

Edited by Lisa
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Times 14th

P21 F0DNH5 Brighton, East Sussex, 13th August 2015. UK Weather: A morning of torrential rain and thundery showers are causing localised flooding on Brighton seafront. The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning of rain for Brighton and Hove. Heavy rain is forecast tomorrow and may cause disruption due to lightning and more localised flooding. © Francesca Moore/Alamy Live News

P32 F0DMH1 Tianjin, China. 13th Aug, 2015. A firefighter works at the explosion site in Tianjin, north China, Aug. 13, 2015. The death toll from warehouse explosions in north China's Tianjin city rose to 50 Thursday evening while 701 others were admitted to hospitals, rescue headquarters said. Of the injured, 71 are in critical condition. © Shen Bohan/Xinhua/Alamy Live News

P33 F0D0MR Tianjin. 13th Aug, 2015. Photo taken on Aug. 13, 2015 shows the burning scene of the explosion site in the Binhai New Area in north China's Tianjin Municipality. The death toll from a Tianjin warehouse blast Wednesday night has climbed to 17, according to rescuers. Another 32 people were critically injured and 283 people are under observation in hospital. © Xinhua/Alamy Live News

Edited by Bryan
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12. 08.15 theguardian (online)


How to get your August garden back in shape


BP5JD2  Dahlias for sale - Padraig Knudsen

EGMRDN  pots and containers at Barbara Stockitts garden at West Kington, Wiltshire  - MBP-Plants

EH6MHN  Eryngium giganteum Miss Willmott’s ghost - shapencolour

C7TPYB Cosmos bipinnatus - maigi

EX5G2H  table and red chairs in a courtyard garden - domonabikeItaly

EP7NWH  Kale growing in a Scottish garden UK - garfotos

C9DKCJ The Hot Garden in Summer, RHS Rosemoor - Anne Gilbert

A0H6A9  geranium rozanne - glenn harper

B1MRET Cotinus (Coggyria Royal Purple)  - Sybil Sparkes


+2 others cannot find

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Guardian Online



Navè Orgad Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world being 400m deep

paolo negri Italy Sicily, Ispica, quarry, Prehistoric Necropolis

Plrang GFX Saklikent Gorge Canyon in Turkey

Andy Christiani Hiking to Gola Su Gorropu, Europe's Grand Canyo

imageBROKER Vintgar Gorge Triglav National Park near the town Bled in Slovenia

Loop Images Ltd Cares Gorge footpath in the Picos de Europa National Park

imageBROKER Woman standing in Samaria Gorge, Crete, Greece


... for some reason the Guardian gives the library and photographer the picture credit, unless the image is from Alamy, where the photographer isn't credited. Hmmm.

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Daily Mail online 14th


The Best Road Trips...

CTD74H - eye35.pix

D2BFY5 - Universal Images Group Ltd

A19616 - Stock Collection Blue

D36MKK - eye35.pix

ADDM9W - Stephen Emerson

CXJYGP - Ingo Oeland

CEWRFH - David Noton Photography

BNX624 - Vincent Lowe

C7WWG8 - Eric Nathan

EGF0D5 - eye35.pix

EP4X2T - David Santiago Garcia

AG7F7N - David Robertson

D91RDX - Trekkerimages

B0JP40 - Richard Cummins

A1D799 - Peter Stone

EXXW7H - Norman Barrett

CRMJY1 - Francoise de Valera

CXC6DN - Peter Groenendijk / Robert Harding World Imagery

B2BKYM - World Pictures


Plus an image of the Icefields Parkway Alberta





I think its Almaciga in Tenerife


Edited by Cofiant
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Delicate machinery ... identity draws upon many parts of the brainWs
Andrey Kuzmin/Alamy
The Guardian Weekly  |  14 Aug 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 34
Cultural credentials … art adorns Europe’s most successful urban squat
Ferdinando Piezzi/Alamy
The Guardian Weekly  |  14 Aug 2015  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 32
Number of Eritreans leaving the country each month, UN reports Monthly pay for conscripts (converted from Eritrean nakfas) Better than indefinite conscription at home … an Eritrean refugee in Germany
Tobias Hase/Alamy
The Guardian Weekly  |  14 Aug 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 31
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Mail Online 14th


B8TN2M RM World   two pilots sitting in the cockpit of a plane instrumentation panel jet airplane aeroplane

ANAXR4 Steven May   London Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 international departure gate summer 2006

BBTRB8 davide cenadelli natural reserve torbiere del sebino d'iseo, lombardy, italy

B911G1 Johner Images An elderly couple at home Sweden

A484G7 The Photolibrary Wales Carer Looking after her Elderly and Ill Mother Health Lifestyle Wales

DTK81H Bill Cheyrou   Businesswoman using cell phone near Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

E1JTND  Antonio Guillem Fernández  Funny surprised woman watching social media in a smart phone on the beach on vacations

BXDW7F Jamie Grill  Baby reaching for piggy bank

CP8GCM Yon Marsh  Traffic standstill leading to more pollution in central London Euston Road underpass besides Euston Station

E6B56K  Shotshop GmbH healthcare,medicine,doctor visit,consultation

C2MR2A incamerastock Three colour coded wheelie recycling bins England UK

C8BTK6  Ian Dagnall   Harrods department store, Brompton, Road, Knightsbridge, London, England, UK

BH5R45  PEOPLE IN BED by VISION  beautiful caucasian woman sleeping on a white bed

BADPMK  RTimages High contrast black white close up of a womans eyes coloured green

Edited by Bryan
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