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I ran across this news article this morning indicating Google is introducing a new feature in Google Maps that will track where you have been via a "timeline" (not in the sense of a Facebook Timeline, but in the sense of where you have been over time).




I thought this may be a useful feature for those that travel and shoot photos so they can track where they have been and add it to their keywords rather than manually writing in a journal or trying to re-construct the info after the trip.


Jeff G. - I figured you would be one of the most excited about this feature!  LOL

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They have been doing it for ages.  My data goes back to 2013. If you are logged into your Google account, you can check yours here.


I remember checking mine a few years ago.  Despite what CNN say, it's never been difficult, or hidden, exactly; they just didn't mention it.




I'm not sure it's reliable enough for Geo-locating your photos.  With iPhones, it depends on your phone having a signal and having location services turned on.  The last location they have for me is September 2014, and my phone is on all the time

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"You are the only person who can view your own Google Maps Timeline history" . . . wow, that's a relief . . . cough . . .



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