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I prepped 10 images yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see them still in the green "ready" stage.  Should have been on sale today.  Just did another 10, I'll be curious to see if they hang out in the "ready" state for awhile.  Anyone else with this problem?


Very disappointed.  Yes, I'll notify MS.



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Things do seem a bit slow. I have a small batch of news images that have been lingering in "ready" for longer than usual.


No big rush, though, they are all old news by now. B)

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Everything has been up to usual speed here Betty, particularly QC, certainly the fastest I have ever seen.


I usually key word in the evening and the pictures are always on sale the next morning. Over the years I have found that you can get the odd "hang" with certain things. I have always put this down to a timing thing, sometimes you just catch it wrong. Either there is a volume of traffic issue or more likely there is some server maintenance going on which backs things up. Doesn't hurt to let MS know though, just in case.


Thinking about it, I saw something like this a couple of months ago. I didn't bother about it and the pictures went through to on sale the next time I checked a day or so later.


Hope it sorts out for you.

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Thanks, Richard. It's the first time it happened for me.  I processed those images in plenty of time to be on sale the next day, even counting for Oklahoma, U.S., being 5 hours behind the UK. 8:15 pm here, guessing it is 1:15 UK. right now.

That means to me if I process my images by 10 p.m.my time, there is ample time for them to catch the update in the UK.

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