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Mont Blanc - 365 gigapixel panorama

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I hadn't but had another look and found him.  Odd thing though - he is wearing a harness.  Why wear a harness if you are going solo?  However, zoom out a bit and the snow slopes to the right seem to have a mirror image so perhaps the rest of the party he was roped to have disappeared 'through the looking glass'.


I've been trying to add a screen shot, linked from Photobucket, but it says 'that extension is not allowed' or something of that ilk, even though it's jpeg and only 500 pixels wide.  I give up.


Here's the link anyway - http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc205/loweskid/alamy%20forum/blanc1_zpsbo4ffi3g.jpg~original

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An interesting technical exercise, but who cares? Just because you can, does not mean that you should.


I heard they were trying to print it out at 100%, but they are having trouble finding a piece of paper the size of Mont Blanc. 

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It's sort of ironic that many, many less images, few enough to be taken in say one hour, would have produced a much "cleaner" image with less obvious joins, albeit a very much smaller resolution (comparatively) final image. The misaligned cables and non-matching patterns on the snow make it a rather poor image, imo, despite the immensity of its resolution.


Paraphrasing Bill above, "can" is not synonymous with "should", especially when "accuracy" is so badly compromised.


EDIT: and persisting with the theme, neither is "big" synonymous with "good", nor "biggest" with "best" . . .



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