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Hello, I am new to Alamy and new as a contributor. I am uploading photos but I am totally confused with model and property releases. I would really appreciate any help!
example 1: Photos of body parts like feet, eyes, hands... I understand I need a model release. Is this correct? But why? How would anyone recognise who this body part belongs to?
example 2: If it's me in the photo or my child, I guess I just do my own model release and it's adequate?
Logos or recognisable brands:
example 1: if there is a photo of Louboutin shoes with the red sole and a faint Louboutin logo showing, what do I need to do?
example 2: A photo of food being prepared. A well known brand mixer is visible. No logos but most people would know that brand of mixer. It's a classic. What do I need to do?
Any other info and tips that might help would be so much appreciated.
Thanks all in advance.

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1-if unreleased say so. The question is could it be recognised, not would it be. I could probably recognise a photograph of my own hand.



1 and 2-as 1 above.

Unreleased images can't be listed as RF.

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