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March Challenge: "The Good Life" **We have a Winner!**

March Photo Challenge - "The Good Life"  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Voting closed

    • Allan Bell - tea shop
    • Bryan- older couple in France
    • Lisa - dogs playing fetch
    • Michael Ventura - pub meal
    • NYCat - polar bears in Churchill
    • Nymeria - bench with a view
    • spacecadet - Friday brunch in Dubai
    • wiskerke- graduation day

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So many inviting images of the good life, what a great selection!  Thanks to all those who submitted images.  Here are the 8 finalists to vote for, listed in alphabetical order.


Voting will close at midnight April 6, PST.  It's my first time setting up a poll, so I'm hoping it works!


1.  Allan Bell - Tea shop




2.  Bryan - Older couple in France




3.  Lisa - Dogs playing fetch





4.  Michael Ventura - Pub meal




5.  NYCat- Polar bears in Churchill




6. Nymeria - Bench with a view




7. spacecadet - Friday brunch in Dubai 




8.  wiskerke - Graduation day



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I am honoured to be included in the final eight. Thank you Maria.



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There were 4 I so wanted to vote for, but somehow managed to pick one to actually vote for.


Lovely selection, MariaJ, and congrats to 8 finalists!

Smiles - Ann

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I like the Polar bear picture and voted for it. However I have to admit to a personal interest in bears as my lady friend runs a bear sanctuary in our village.



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Must come clean. The sanctuary is for Teddybears. :)


But they are real, aren't they?



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And we have a winner!  Congratulations to Paulette, who received the most votes for her polar bears in March's photo challenge!

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Well thank you all. Who knew my lazy bears could win a race. I have something in mind for the next challenge and will put it up soon. This is all so much fun!



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I voted for you, Paulette. Now can I have one of those little white bears?  :)


Have you seen the Salgado film yet? Wonderful encounter with a polar bear. My favorite part of the movie, of course.



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