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March Challenge: "The Good Life"

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Going by my own interpretation and coming from a country that has no ocean, a (sub-)tropical beach definitely fits the bill.



I'm a city person, but this was one of the best moments of my life. Resting on a bench with that view in front of me and not a single person around... tranquility at it's best.



Of course animals know how to relax as well. I'm forgoing the usual cat pic for this deer in Miyajma. Deers are sacred there, which means they are fed and petted by visitors. This one was resting in the sun below the cherry blossoms. I was taking pictures of it for about 15min from different angles and it just had the most zen expression ever.


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Fun Challenge Maria!  




Ah, the good life of a photographer, not chained to a desk and out exploring the world!




Photographer's daughter having the good life while traveling with him to the Turks and Caicos Islands




I want to be back in this pub now, that was a good day in this good life!

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A blissed out vervet monkey enjoying a grooming whilst suckling its young:






Street massage:






Doing their bit so that the rest of us can lead a good life:



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Relaxing at Aunties Tea Shop.





The birds have a good life too.





Quintessentially English good country life.






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Thanks Maria, the topic of the challenge is just great.


Here is my input, it is resembling my view point at the good life:



1. Good friends, vacation and tons of fun



2. Love, vacation and photography



3. And maybe the best in my mind (it is not coming with any of the complications of the two above) kids play and vacation


All the images are from the Cuban Cayos (Keys) 


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