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Have you found any Alamy Images - March 2015

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Radio Times 21-27 March 2015


p151  Tropical Scene Of A Cluster Of Palm Trees On A White Sand Dominican Republic Beach in Punta Cana With A Beached Sailboat Visible   Steve Murray




p151   a local chef cook up a fish fry at the Oistins fish market in Bridgetown, Barbados    Roy Riley


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Guadian Online



Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography view of cement works in foreground and Aberthaw power station with rape fields on coast Wales UK



Cycling across Oxford Circus. Photograph: Cecilia Colussi/Alamy

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27/03/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p14, Assyrian winged bulls in BM, CP7A0C, Andrew Michael [Alamy credit only]
27/03/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p63, dolphins in Azores, BF422D, Anthony Pierce [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Mail Online 27th


APD8JN SQUIB  Police Officer Walking

AGHPBR  Chris Rout mother about to smack her daughter

BCRTPK colin bain  New Scotland Yard Sign

DJBXYX   Peter Noyce Costa Coffee shop in the entrance foyer at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford

A09GGB Arcaid Images  Wolverhampton Heart and Lung Centre, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, 2005. Architect: RTKL - UK

A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK

CRA16X  Gavin Roberts  Bristol Crown Court, Small St, Bristol

CE83FR Phil Rees Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) - the main hospital in the centre of Bristol, UK

DRX26C  Montgomery Martin   Rich Woman With Luggage Walking Against Private Jet

DWDR2P  Mareen Fischinger  Mother with son in airplane looking out of window

B7CYJ8 fStop Images GmbH A woman wearing a sleep mask sleeping on a plane

CF2R9P Gordon Scammell Two female Police Community Support Officers patrolling Brighton seafront

C9056E   James Boardman   Police Community Support Officers on the beat. (cropped LS to PT)

A4A9D0 Alan Copson  Kings College and Chapel, Cambridge, England

CC4HD7  Grimsby Town Scene  Grimsby town shopping centre Frehney place outside view of multi storey, multi-storey car park

CC4FAG  Grimsby Town Scene  Grimsby town Hall side view of office building

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Times Weekend 28th


P18 C6FMTG  shapencolour  Pineapple Lily blossom Eucomis



P21 C7WDY8  Rob Whitworth  Lathyrus odoratus 'Frances Kate' - Sweet Pea



BDDM3M  Val Duncan Clematis Diana's Delight



P27 AG082G Chris Herring  Berney Arms Mill on the Norfolk Broads



P27  DBD5EG robin chittenden  Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)


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Daily Telegraph 28/3/15 - Travel Section

Patrick Batchelder / Alamy



imageBROKER / Alamy



YAY Media AS / Alamy



Sabine Lubenow / Alamy



Jens Benninghofen / Alamy



stephen searle / Alamy




Chad Ehlers / Alamy



Also (unable to find):


- two planes taxiing at Gatwick(?)

- nighttime shot of Moscow

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Mail Online 28th


BJGXPA  Joe Belanger A man changes the time on a clock, moving it forward in time, spring forward


A0EP7F  DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK

BJE3PX   Peter Titmuss   Westin Grand Hotel Convention Square Arabella Quays Cape Town South Africa


BTATHH  keith morris  Rear view of a father walking hand in hand with his two small daughters on their way home from primary school, UK

BKK4EP   Chris Howes  Boy jumping at edge of sea Brighton pier England UK

DJ32G4 Ian Canham  Brighton & Hove Bus Company service passing through the village of Bramber, West Sussex, England, UK

CNKN54 Martyn Williams  Nottingham County Court, Crown Court, Nottingham, England, UK

DD681F  A.P.S. (UK)   aerial view of HM Full Sutton Prison near York, Yorkshire

ANRMF0  Art Directors & TRIP  Wiltshire England Stonehenge

B6NBKC  Dennis Cox  Amsterdam multistory bicycle parking lot along canal near Centraal Station

BFR2CT International Photobank View of the Eiffel Tower and city of Paris from the Trocadero

A4KH0A  Chris Andrews View of Oxford spires from Trinity College Tower

BKNHPC  Justin Kase  Crown Court Southwark entrance

BH2YX5 incamerastock  Old people / couple (figurines) - sitting on a pile of money coins - savings / bills / financial / investment / pensions concept

AJC8KK   Peter Forsberg cafe terrace katedros aikste square Vilnius Lithuania EU

D1D9E2  Jan Wlodarczyk  Budapest - View at Parliament Building, Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

D4BGWK   Universal Images Group Limited  Doctors using defibrillator to resuscitate male heart attack victim

E461EB  Doug Perrine Bioluminescence from glowing plankton in sea tide line on beach, with stars above and ship lights on horizon, Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives, Indian Ocean

D9BMG1   Bildagentur-online/McPhoto-Scholz  Dunrobin Castle, Highland, Scotland, Great Britain, Europe

D30M3C  Stephen Emerson  Morning light illuminate the avenue tree's known as the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

CFPHPT  eye35.pix  Looking across the frozen sea of Ullsfjord from Sjursnes, towards the Southern Lyngen Alps, at sunset, Troms, Norway


D6BF63  Shotshop GmbH  castle,rhineland-palatinate,castle eltz

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Child Trust Funds included £250 payments from the Government but were scrapped in 2010


i (from The Independent)  |  28 Mar 2015  |  UK  |  English | Page: 55
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28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p105, Porthcawl, CEX9GC, Liquid Light
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Review section], p2, The Shard, DYXKEW, Urbanmyth
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Review section], p19, statue of Seneca, BM737R, Ken Welsh [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Balat district of Istanbul, EA56JY, sebnem koken [Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, fruit salad stall in Mexico City, BKJ42B, Thomas Cockrem [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Rago National Park in Norway, DEANXN, imageBROKER [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Triglav National Park in Slovenia, DWMGFE, Robert Harding World Imagery [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Oulanka National Park in Finland, E45FG7, Nature Picture Library [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Malt Cross in Nottingham, E9PKG0, Ian Francis [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p5, Llynnau Cregennen beneath Cadair Idris, C4G32X, David Noton Photography [Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p5, Wistman's Wood, D97K39, Adam Burton [Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p8, Ponta Delgada in the Azores, E5MJ3F, DAVID MUSCROFT [Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p8, Santa Maria in the Azores, BY76MF, LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH [Alamy credit only]
28/03/2015, UK, Guardian, p2, child finger painting, C9CH24, PhotoAlto [Alamy credit only]

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Guardian Online 29 March 2015



sebnem koken






Chris Ridley



There's another image of people at the beach but can't find it.



Credited to JGI/Alamy but nothings being returned for JGI and can't find the image of hands clapping.





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