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So, I have been uploading RM and RF images and I have been keywording very strictly to make sure my images would only pull up if the keyword was direct related to my image. So far so good. I also have removed keywords that could jeopardise my CTR or placement in the search. So far so good. 


Result, I do have a sale each month now, albeit for peanuts. So gar so good. My zooms have gone up as well, the keyword strategy is paying off. So far so good. 


But.... problem is... my CTR has gone down now, because I get more zooms, good, but not enough sales, bad, so my CTR has gone down from around 0.47ish to 0.31ish. BAD. 


Catch 22? Any tips? Shoot better images. Got that, but is there something else I am missing? 



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I may be wrong, but I don't think that sales are included in your CTR. They do affect your rank, but I think CTR (click through rate) is purely the ratio of views against zooms.

Are you getting more views as well as more zooms?

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Hello Gents, Sorry to be acting like forum moderator but this thread would be better placed under "Ask The Forum".


This "Forum" is for contributors to put forward ideas to Alamy about improvements that might be made to the forum operating and looks etc.



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I'll throw in a quick response before this gets moved (on Monday, I guess).
Semmick: I think that Phil and Azure-images are spot on in what they say:

  • Sales aren't relevant to CTR
  • Average CTR overall has fallen across Alamy as a result of the new system (120 images per page + three shiny buttons)

#2 results in more views per zoom than before, hence lower CTR (for everyone).
Sales are coming in and improving for you ∴ higher rank and cash in the bank! :)

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If it's any consolation, my CTR has increased in the past three months while my sales have almost disappeared.

I'm not sure there's much connection.

My CTR and zooms are at record high levels. My sales are meanwhile at record low levels. I'll monitor the situation but not worth uploading anything further at the moment.

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Hi Semmick Photo


First of all, if you are making a sale a month with just about 400 images you are doing well - congratulations! Secondly, sales do not contribute to the CTR as explained, and I suspect the reason your zooms have gone up but your CTR has gone down is that your views have gone up even more, due to the default 120 images per search that clients now see. However, if your zooms are going up your sales should also go up, and your ranking will hopefully improve as sales do count towards that.


Good luck with it


Kumar Sriskandan

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