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$11.65 for a front page image in an Italian National newspaper

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Ridiculous sale through Italian sub agent.
In October last year I found one of my images on the front page of a national Italian newspaper "La Stampa" which has a print run of over 300,000 copies.
Finally, last week the sale was reported:


Country: Italy
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 01 October 2014
End: 01 October 2019
Duration: 1 month
Price $38.83


After Alamy and the agents cut, it left me with $11.65!!!
A front page of a national newspaper for $11.65.
I contacted Alamy telling them that the sale had been misreported, and they should get further clarification from the agent.
Low and behold, the sale was reported correctly yesterday:


Country: Italy
Usage: Editorial
Media: Newspaper - national
Print run: up to 250,000
Placement: Front cover and online
Image Size: 1/8 page
Start: 30 September 2014
End: 01 October 2014
Print run: 350,000.
Price $38.83


The price stayed the same!!!! Its a joke!!
In April I will be deselecting Italy from distribution.
Recently I stopped shooting News Images for Alamy because of rubbish sales from Italy.
My days of collaborating with Alamy are numbered. Time to move on and work on other things.

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