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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs JUNE 2013

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06/06/2013, UK, Guardian, p25, floods in Bavaria, D8X3EN, dpa [Credit to Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/DPA/Alamy. Via Live News]
06/06/2013, UK, Guardian G2, p2, motorway traffic, AMCTWH, Adrian Sherratt [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Mail Online 6th


B4TNB8 - Justin Kase Man wearing office business suit hands clutching money
D7W10D - Matthew Horwood Cardiff Crown Court.
B9TFC2 - Stockbroker Young boy in bedroom using laptop and listening to MP3 player
C70RFN - Niva Family watching television together
AMTD8E - ICIMAGE Mobile phone mast tower communication 3G 4G
A9GCBD - Roger Bamber A man sinking a quiet pint in a traditional English pub on a sunny afternoon
C211C1 - Wavebreak Media ltd Exhausted man sleeping on the couch at home
AAYTP7 - David J. Green  A young woman feeling stressed out with paperwork
CN63BM - Robert John Magaluf Beach Majorca Mallorca Balearics Spain credited to City Image/Alamy
A023FT - moodboard  Two boys (7-9) playing on tree branch
That's my last contribution for some while, trip to mainland Europe beckons.
Edited by Bryan
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Huffington Post - US Edition June 5, 2013

7 Steps To Mind-Blowing Sex slide show
BE6D2B, Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto sas -  Royalty Free     Woman lying on stomach daydreaming
AA896P,charlie schuck/UpperCut Images -  Royalty Free     African military soldier holding flowers behind his back
10 Ways To De-Stress Your Sex Life slide show
D56H5G, Peter Dressel/Blend Images -  Royalty Free     Chinese woman using laptop on bed
Craziest Places Women Have Given Birth slide show
C8H3PR, Jad Davenport/National Geographic Image Collection -  Royalty Free     Coconut palm trees on the coast of Matemo Island in Mozambique.
BTRX3G, tom carter -  Royalty Free     McDonalds Drive In restaurant in Berwyn Heights, Maryland USA
Cannot find - Library
ADBTN6, Enigma -  Royalty Free     Rows of Post Office Boxes in an old Post Office in New England
ADPBPR, Sean Breithaupt/Brownstock  -  Royalty Free     Shadows of three men walking on street sidewalk.
AE4TGB, Chloe Johnson  -  Royalty Free     Pregnant woman driving
A09D7E, Image Farm Inc. -  Royalty Free     A green and white square restaurant ahead road sign on a metal post beside a tree lined hig
AHKJ81, Niels Poulsen DK -  Royalty Free     Airplane in sunset ready for landing
AG83TM, Erik Reis -  Royalty Free     Laptop with a webcam over the table with reflection

15 Most Bizarre Excuses For Missing Work slide show
Cannot find - Surprised topless man
CNKWX1, Stuart Pearce -  Rights Managed     Golden Retriever puppy
BDCER3, Anne-Marie Palmer  -  Royalty Free     Vertical close up of a bright orange goldfish [Carassius auratus] looking miserable staring
ASF74C, Martin hunter -  Rights Managed     dominatrix glagow fetish club
AHN4TX, Dan Hallman/UpperCut Images -  Royalty Free     Split in the seat of woman’s pants
A2YA60, Peter Steiner -  Rights Managed     Feet in bathtub
Airline Fees slide show
C5CXJD, vasa -  Royalty Free     Damaged seat on an international flight
CE6EGT, THINGX -  Royalty Free     Boarding Pass and Passport
APNWGT, clover/a.collectionRF/amana images inc. -  Royalty Free     Female office worker using computer
Cannot find - Jet refueling

Huffington Post - US Edition June 6, 2013

Health Benefits Of Walking slide show
Cannot find - Businessmen walking
CB3WFB, John Giustina / Purestock -  Royalty Free     Three businesswomen walking outside office with businessman
ATYN6R, Sam Edwards/OJO Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Two businesspeople walking on bridge with luggage
Cannot find - Couple walking in park
BM6DCX, Sam Edwards/OJO Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Senior couple walking in park
Supplements To Stop Taking (And What To Take Instead) slide show
D4CXWB, tofino  -  Royalty Free     Spices in Arabic store including turmeric and curry powder
BHNGYP, Rawdon Wyatt  -  Rights Managed     Probiotic capsules for intestinal bacterial support. UK 2010.
A64AD4, bildagentur-online.com/th-foto -  Rights Managed     Yohimbe yohimbehe
D454C5, CB_AroundTheHouse -  Rights Managed     Vitamin D soft capsule supplement
A5BBTC, Emilio Ereza -  Rights Managed     Soy lecitihin capsules
BGHF7P, Helen Sessions -  Rights Managed     Omega 3 Capsules
How To Get Your Boss Fired: Forbes slide show
C4XF8D, Yuri Arcurs -  Royalty Free     Portrait of a young business man gesturing over white background
13 Things The Bible Forbids (That You're Probably Guilty Of Doing) slide show
ARJ9YJ, Andrew Unangst -  Royalty Free     Ham sandwich
Cannot find - Electric trimmer
B8TH0A, Simon Belcher -  Royalty Free     First Aid Box, Cut Out.
B8474E, STEVE LINDRIDGE -  Royalty Free     Bionic hands for amputees. Each digit can move.
BCEY09, Paul Hakimata -  Royalty Free     White round traffic street sign with red border that forbids cursing and bad language on a
BERH43, PictureBank -  Royalty Free     Chocolate cake "Just divorced"
B88NC8, Mikhail Tolstoy -  Royalty Free     workaholic in empty office
Cannot find - Church alter
AXNKXN, Adam Duckworth  -  Royalty Free     interior of wedding dress gown in bridal boutique shop
What Affects Diabetes Risk? slide show
BY8EX6, PCN Chrome/PCN Photography -  Royalty Free     Couple hiking during Autumn
AEB86P, Krys Bailey -  Royalty Free     Apple and Blueberries
BNJ511, FocalPoint -  Royalty Free     Alarm clock
Cannot find - Assorment of Vegetables
B7E7FJ, IS2008-12/Image Source -  Royalty Free     Wine bottle and glass
What Twitter Tells Us About Health slide show
C5N017, Lisa F. Young  -  Royalty Free     Teacher demonstrates CPR life saving techniques for her teenage students.
BCA2Y2, Paul Bradbury/OJO Images Ltd -  Royalty Free     Man sick in bed drinking hot drink
B27D89, Michal Bednarek -  Royalty Free     Pretty woman sneezes. Allergy season
BRJC09, Dick Boot -  Royalty Free     Two eggs with faces
BEX0XA, Valentyn Volkov -  Royalty Free     tablets on a blue background

Edited by bchris
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Only one of my own again - http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jun/07/privatised-rail-higher-fares-older-trains


Found it on a Falseconomy group Facebook share, so the image appeared prominently on FB, but I do not think it's a 'pirating' issue just the result of their link to the Guardian.

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Huffington Post - US Edition June 7, 2013

Biggest Salt Offenders slide show
C3XHKM, Karen Kaspar  -  Royalty Free     Great variety of breakfast buns and rolls fresh out of the bakery
AX5WPX, Alfred Schauhuber/imagebroker -  Royalty Free     Luncheon meat platter, cold cuts
AT4WAM, Martin Bennett -  Royalty Free     Fried Chicken leg
BJN39B, PaulPaladin -  Royalty Free     Bowl of spicy Thai Tom Yum Soup
BE530F, Steve Teague  -  Royalty Free     cheeseboard selection
C8FJ0P, Art of Food -  Royalty Free     Two slices of homemade meatloaf on a white plate
CR2FD8, Krzyzak -  Royalty Free     Potato chips colorful abstract background
10 Skillful Living Tips To Try Today
AY4807, acestock/ACE STOCK LIMITED -  Rights Managed     Girl Healthy Lotus Meditate Position Woman Yoga
D14DF9, amphotos -  Rights Managed     Chocolate Cake
D28MMG, Peter Tsai Photography -  Royalty Free     "I'm Sorry" - Refrigerator magnets spell a message out of a jumble of letters
BN8PTJ, Henrik Kettunen -  Rights Managed     family portrait from 19th century hanging on wall
Cannot find - Boy and girl standing on fence
Cannot find - Sun setting behind mountain ridge
BEH3DN, Alex Hinds -  Rights Managed     Thank you message with fridge magnet letters
San Onofre Timeline slide show
CNFH3D, aerialarchives.com/Aerial Archives -  Rights Managed     aerial view above San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Pacific Coast California
CT33KA, Jim West -  Rights Managed     The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, on the beach at the Pacific Ocean.
AJ662K, Chad Ehlers -  Rights Managed     Nuclear power plant at San Onofre, California at night
B68WB0, Ted Foxx -  Rights Managed     San Onofre nuclear power plant near San Clemente, California, USA as seen from he
CT33K6. Jim West -  Rights Managed     The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, on the beach at the Pacific Ocean.
BY4DKN, Julius Fekete -  Rights Managed     Nuclear Power Plant in San Onofre, California
CT33KE, Jim West -  Rights Managed     The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, on the beach at the Pacific Ocean.
CDMCT9, ZUMA/ZUMA Press, Inc. -  Rights Managed     The view south from San Onofre State Beach's upper Trestles Surf Beach, shows t
B6A8JG. Ted Foxx  -  Rights Managed     San Onofre nuclear power plant near San Clemente, California, USA as seen from h
The 10 Most Stressful U.S. Airports -- And How To Avoid Them slide show
CTE6HR, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. -  Rights Managed     American Airlines Boeing 767 at take off from the Miami International Airport, Flori
C3AKK5, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. -  Rights Managed     San Francisco International Airport terminal located south of downtown San Franc
BPPE03, Blaine Harrington III -  Rights Managed     George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas USA
B6W8Y5, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. -  Rights Managed     The AirTrain Newark monorail system at the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newa
CM9318, ZUMA Press/ZUMA Press, Inc. -  Rights Managed     Oct. 31, 2012 - Dallas, Texas, U.S. - Pilots for American Airlines walk with protest
D1RX2Y, Snap Decision -  Royalty Free     Airplane Landing at Laguardia Airport, Queens, New York, USA
BYAD92, Egon Bömsch/imagebroker -  Rights Managed     Information desk, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta Airport,
B0TXXE, E.J. Baumeister Jr. -  Rights Managed     Air passengers at Kennedy Airport in New York City, USA
A83MYG, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. -  Rights Managed     Airport terminal and control tower at LAX in Los Angeles California
BHRKAM, radharcimages ohare -  Rights Managed     inside terminal 1 o'hare international airport chicago usa
radharcimages ohare
AT0BFX, Jim Zuckerman -  Rights Managed     The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson's home, Nashville, Tennessee
Obama's Executive Actions On Gun Violence slide show
C09KHM, Madeleine Jettre/dbimages  -  Rights Managed     Department of Justice Building, Washington DC
Cannot find - Doctor and elderly patient
AYR478, Bob Pardue - Medical Lifestyle  -  Rights Managed     Female GP consults with male patient
Free San Francisco Events slide show
ANRD3W, James Boardman  -  Rights Managed     A dozen mixed donuts Picture by James Boardman
C34K2X, J.Rowan / Photri Images  -  Rights Managed     Confederate Soldier wearing kepi "Civil War Days" at Old Wade House State Histori

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 Sunset Bar & Grill, Cable Beach Club Resort, Broome, Kimberley Region  C92RWP David Wall


Australia, Western Australia, Broome, Pearl Luggers, pearl museum B9N4D5 DOZIER Marc / hemis.fr




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08/06/2013, UK, Guardian, p6, girl with laptop, BJK4FG, keith morris [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Cook supplement], p15, flat leaf parsley, AF4HWM, Westermann, Jan-Peter [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Review section], p11, flying goldfinch, A922MH, Juniors Bildarchiv / F300 [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, van in Gobi desert, BGN0P9, Xavier Danaux [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, Hmong people, AT5R5G, Ron Yue [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p3, playing volleyball in Gokarna, BMBT7K, david pearson [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Songhua River in Harbin, C8GAXY, Michael Runkel [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p4, Wen Temple in Harbin, B2EH0X, Best view Stock [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p7, Praia dos Tres Irmaos beach, BNKBKH, Prisma/Kreder Katja or BJEJC3, parasola [identical. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Indian train, BFNP89, Indian Pictures RF [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Italian train, ATYK45, Liam White [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Italian pizza, D4BWGR, Stefano Politi Markovina [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Money section], p5, young girl using mobile, DD0YTFJ, Zoonar/Eduard Titov [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p84, Stedelijk Museum, D1FDJF, EPA [Avertisement]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p86, garden seat, AR2BYP, Steffen Hauser / botanikfoto [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Guardian [Guide], p40, credit to Peter Stroh/Alamy but I can't find it

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USA, The Washington Post, Travel section, Issue date June 9th 2013

Pg. F1, Suzdal, Russia, Travel Pictures



Pg. F3, Suzdal, Russia, Russ Images



Pg. F3, Suzdal, Russia, Russ Images


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08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Magazine], p23, David Beckham advert in Tokyo, BHA0FW, jeremy sutton-hibbert
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Magazine], p23, Beatles arriving in Tokyo, BEEX5M, KEYSTONE Pictures USA
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Magazine], p25, Japanese whisky distillery, BGXB3N, jeremy sutton-hibbert
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Magazine], p27, Japanese worker, BN8P48, Chris Miller
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Magazine], p51, Water Aid garden at Chelsea, D861R7, Martin Hughes-Jones
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], Front Cover, Pontine Islands, BEJPHR, Nicola Iacono [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], p6, Dyrehaven in Denmark, B55278, F. Vrouenraths (Denmark) [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], p7, Kokkari on Samos, B164TD, mediacolor's [Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], p7, Sandhamn in Sweden, A8H56W, Sigrid Dauth [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], p9, Comporta in Portugal, D1XR36, Manuel Ribeiro [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
08/06/2013, UK, Independent [Travel section], p14, Denali, BJR66F, Accent Alaska [Alamy credit only]

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Hugo Boss store, Bicester Village Shopping Centre, Bicester, Oxfordshire BT7YK8 Greg Balfour Evans


 oxfordshire bicester village shopping centre AT6FAC david martyn hughes




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June 8, 2013


BYA3DR Waiter with breakfast tray Cultura Creative




D5WR18 Men on Basketball Court Barry Diomede


Edited by Lisa Werner
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 Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 8th June 2013 D91KA0 Douglas Carr ALAMY LIVE NEWS


Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 8th June 2013 D91K9MDouglas Carr ALAMY LIVE NEWS





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Guardian Online, June 9
Imagine Peace Tower Videy Island, Reykjavik, Iceland, B4D6R7, Ragnar th Siggursson (Alamy credit only)
Brightly painted houses in the streets of old Reykjavik, Iceland, BX6TW4, Patrick Dieudonne (Alamy credit only)

Plus a pic that looks like Harpa concert hall, Reykjavik http://www.guardian.co.uk/global/gallery/2013/jun/09/viewfinder-competition-win-a-hotel-voucher#/?picture=410247859&index=1 but I can’t find it...

Man wearing Viking horns drinking beer http://www.guardian.co.uk/global/gallery/2013/jun/09/viewfinder-competition-win-a-hotel-voucher#/?picture=410247855&index=2. Can’t find this either...

Computer keyboard, B2T840, Anthony Lee (Alamy credit only)

Edited by John Morrison
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The Woolpack pub from ITVs Emmerdale  AE6TWB Coaster


Sign at the Emmerdale set, near Leeds EnglandAE6TWE Coaster


Searching Emmerdale gives 731 results and only 2 under creative which happens to be the images used above.




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