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February Challenge - "I don't know why I like it but I do"

Russell Watkins

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I shot this hoping that the sign translated as 'no fishing'. It doesn't.

I think it says "danger no anchoring... unless you can't understand Welsh, in which case do whatever you like"



Reminds me of the (true) story of the email sent to the council works department to make a bilingual sign in English and Welsh for something like "No Heavy Goods Vehicles". 


They got the English bit right but underneath, cut and pasted the bit of the email in Welsh which translated as something like, "This message is confidential. It may also contain privileged information. The contents of this e-mail and any attachments are intended for the named addressee only. Unless you are the named addressee or authorised to receive the e-mail of the named addressee you may not disclose, use or copy the contents of the e-mail..."


ETA: Actually it was the automated Welsh "Out-of-Office" reply.


Anyhow, just over a week left. Keep 'em coming.

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Hmmm have found two to enter - with a similar theme - being intrigued by human representations but not sure why - maybe that's a purpose of art? 


Actually I see something a little menacing about the second image which is probably rather unhelpful for licensing as a travel image!!





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