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January Challenge - Time to Vote

Time to Vote  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. My vote for the January challenge is

    • Michael Ventura DCG074 CA Street Critter
    • Arterra DBGFXR Accordion Player
    • Jill Morgan DC4MFR Man with bottle
    • Reimar DDCCMJ Coldwater Man
    • Aibyoyo DJJYCA Children Kochi
    • Russell Watkins EE7295 Man and pigeon
    • Marriaj DHGXXP Man and Dog
    • Phil Robinson EAB55T Old Bailey

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Many thanks to all who entered, some wonderfully weird shots of the sort that I enjoy. There were also some fabulous classic portraits that tempted me, but remembering that I asked for quirkiness, I reluctantly put those to one side. I easily picked out 12 possible winners, could have been more, but then had great difficulty in homing in on the final eight, so you probably just missed inclusion by a millipede!


Anyone voting for their own photo will be subject to public ridicule.


I won't vote, although I have a favourite, and will use my casting vote in the event of a dead heat. (Edit - I had to vote in order to see the results!)


Edit - The deadline for voting is UK dawn on the 7th when I will mail the winner.


Let battle commence!




DCG074 Michael Ventura



DBGFXR Arterra



DC4MFR Jill Morgan






DJJYCA Abiyoyo



EE7295 Russell Watkins



DHGXXP Marriaj



EAD55T Phil Robinson

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Nice to be in such exalted company. Thanks for putting me in the shortlist Bryan.

You deserve to be there - and to be winning. Looking at your pix you seem to have had a good couple of minutes that day, with the same seagull.

Edited by Phil Robinson
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Thank you for including my man and his dog, I'm honoured!  He was a very interesting character and loved talking to people about his dog.

Edited by MariaJ
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Great variety of portraits, Bryan. Thanks for running January's competition, and congratulations to our quirky finalists!


Voted - Ann

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Maria, I love it that the angle you chose makes the dog look bigger than the man.




Thanks Paulette.  The angle doesn't exaggerate the dog's size too much, it was huge!  The biggest dog I've ever seen.  He easily drew a crowd and his owner was quite happy to answer questions about him.

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