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Times Weekend 28th


P39 CMWYMC Lourens Smak Magritte Museum, Brussels, Belgium. Rene Magritte is a worldfamous Belgian surrealist artist.



P40 A76MH2  Paul Springett  A traditional Indian fishing boat on Palolem beach in Goa, India


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BBC News Magazine Monitor  28 February 2015    What would Wittgenstein say about that dress?    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-31662317


E8F5KW    Duck-Rabbit illusion. From: Jastrow, J. The mind's eye. Popular Science Monthly. Artist: Jastrow, Joseph (1863-1944)    Heritage Image Partnership Ltd


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One here, but I can't find it




And a whole bunch here of Mcdonalds around the world



Edited by York Photographer
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Mail Online 28th


DPC79C Hugo Felix  A beautiful young passionate couple in bed

DPMNNN  christopher miles  Nottingham Magistrates court, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire England UK

CP8HMH Peter Steiner  JetBlue fleet on tarmac

BKN691 Pearl Bucknall   Studio Still Life / White cup of English tea chocolate chip biscuit in the saucer on plain silver blue background


Intermission while I make a cup of tea  :)


EERW0H Jose Luis Pelaez Examining patient

DBX6D1 YAY Media AS  Tired woman having her morning coffee

DXDF31 Stocksolutions Traditional Scottish haggis, neeps and tatties with whisky also known as a burns supper

B9TWG9  Tim McGuire A first peson (sic) view of a mans legs relaxing on a bed in a hotel room watching the TV with a remote control on his lap

B39XRP Paul Williams Traditional roast turkey Christmas dinner

AN38CE  Alex Segre Clubbers at Water Party at Es Paradis nightclub in San Antonio, Ibiza Spain

DFD7BG  Hero Images Inc. Smiling woman baking in kitchen

E98DAG Daniel Reiter Fresh new image of strawberries on a slate background in square format with copyspace.

BD530N Strauß, F. Herb pots: basil and parsley on window-sill

AF80CG Lutterbeck/Koops  Making fresh cheese

AC05JM Haydn Hansell  Candles on a birthday cake

DHE8C7 Julie Woodhouse  Using a kitchen knife sharpener

A84574  Foodcollection  Cherries Being Pitted

AF94DG  Heinze, Winfried Melted butter

BD4J77 Baxter, Steve  Brown sugar and sugar beet syrup

B3K5KM Stockbroker Young boy in kitchen eating bacon sandwich

BWCC0K   Clynt Garnham Daddies brown sauce on bacon sandwich

DC8H5Y  Vincent Lowe Skiary cottage on the shore of Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Highland region, Scotland, UK

ARJJ6X  Bruno Morandi  Camel caravan, Omnogov, Gobi Desert, Khongoryn Els Dunes, Mongolia

AKPXYA  Paul Lindsay  NUI, Galway, Ireland

CXJNYM  Ivan Mikhaylov  woman write by pen on paper

Edited by Bryan
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Coccinelle couvant un cocon de guêpe.
Le Monde  |  18 Feb 2015  |  France  |  French  Page: 31
An extra 10 children in a class means an extra 10 books to mark, 10 more resources to create and 10 more children’s needs to to plan for
Photograph: Jeff Morgan/Alamy
The Guardian  |  17 Feb 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 37



Thanks Lisa, hadn't catch that one.

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28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p78, seedlings in compost, B9B2KX, studiomode [Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p78, chocolate vine, E045XR, David Bagnall [Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Magazine], p81, West Bay in Dorset, BE9P3N, Peter Noyce GBR [Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian, p12, student working in library, AD09N8, Andrew Fox [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p8, Route 66 in Utah, C1K90N, Hemis [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p9, American pancakes, E2XK61, Luke Carre [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p9, Musso & Frank restaurant, D0R5MT, Kayte Deioma [Alamy credit only]
28/02/2015, UK, Guardian [Travel section], p16, REM Eiland restaurant in Amsterdam, E1Y6CK, Daryl Mulvihill [Alamy credit only]

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Had forgotten to post these when published.


CTC's Cycle magazine February/March 2015:


p10 - A8F5JG by  Powered by Light/Alan Spencer (credit: Alamy.com) - montage of map of United Kingdom & £10 note
p46/47 - DF7HB4 by paul ridsdale - articulated lorry overtaking cyclist (cropped, 40x18cm)
p50 - CXAP5T by stefano baldini -  Cyclists on the Spuistraat, Amsterdam, Holland (full bleed A4)


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Someone seemed confused about an image that appeared in the Guardian that was credited to me - Stephanie Jackson. The confusion about the image. D11DNB, was that on Alamy it was seen as belonging to 'Outback Australia', but that is merely one of my Alamy collections of images, and it was corrected credited to me in the Guardian.

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