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I'm struggling to decided whether or not to submit this image. It show's the aftermath of a festival honouring the local Saint which culminates in a massive beach party.


I quite like the spirit of the image, though the quality is not great.


WDYT - any chance of it passing QC?




Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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It doesnt' gook that great and that isn't even at 100%, which is where Alamy grills it.  No real focal point to me. And very soft. 


I had to bin a few of my favourite images this past weekend due to CA I just couldn't ditch. A couple of them I hemmed and hawed about, getting the CA down, but not gone, but I clicked on the 'X' and didn't submit. 


I hate it when the ones I like are the ones I have to scrap.



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"I quite like the image" should be removed forthwith from your thinking when it comes to deciding which images to submit.



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Just looking at the image as presented there appears to be a sharp area in the bottom centre portion of the people seated at the tables and the drinks bottles/cans, but that is all that appears sharp at the size viewed.


Need to see 100% of that area to make a real judgment.



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