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Camera Raw 8.1 and Elements 11

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I need Adobe Camera Raw 8.1 to enable Elements to see the Raw files from my Sony RX100 Mk3. I have no problem with my RX100 Mk1 which is ok with version 7.4 .The auto update doesn't see version 8.1 . However, on various forums I understand that 8.1 or later can be manually brought into Elements 11 and works perfectly. I've tried to/follow the step by step advice but I can't understand some bits as they get a bit too techie.


I could buy Elements 12 but there's nothing extra on there that I need apart from ACR 8.1 .


I've found the Adobe downloads etc but not sure what to do once I have the files - there's no auto process.


Can anyone offer a step by step laymans guide please.


Any suggestion appreciated.



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If it does work in Elements 11, then you should be able to install it by opening the downloaded zip file and the contained file (double clicking) - exactly what you do depends on whether you are on Mac or PC but it should be very straightforward. However, I would be somewhat surprised if the latest ACR works on an older version as this is not the normal Adobe way of doing things and it should install as an auto-update if compatible.


You can workaround this by using the DNG converter to convert your raw files to DNG and then open them in the older version. However, this is not really a desirable long-term solution I feel.


Rather than update Elements, I would recommend you get Lightroom 5 which would not be much more expensive. A major reason for this is that you are running a very limited version of ACR with Elements. You are missing some very important features in fact. With Lightroom, which is effectively ACR with a lot more besides, you would have full ACR and you could then open your files into Elements 11. Lightroom 5 is quite advanced but very easy to learn and you would probably find that you are using Elements less and less.

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I agree that LR5 is the best path to take with your situation. (I just upgraded to 5.7.) I find LR to be very user friendly, with a good RAW converter from Sony RAW files. I still do my spotting at 100% in PS CS5 and convert from the tiff I'm using at that point to Alamy's jpeg. Good luck.

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You would have to do this manually since it seems that 7.4 was the last ACR for 11.


This may or may not be the way to do it https://forums.adobe.com/message/5438265 I have no idea if it will work so I'll let you do the experimenting!!


As per Michael's post, either upgrade Elements or better still get LR https://forums.adobe.com/message/5438265


LR5 = value for money.




Whoops! sorry Ed nearly landed on top of you.

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Thanks all,


I agree that LR5 is probably the way to go but I have a really good workflow with Elements 11 and no learning curve for me.

I understand that the latest ACR will work with Elements 11 and quite a number of people have managed to do it  - you just have to add it manually and that's where I got stuck.  Geoff has forwarded a link which shows how to install manually and it looks a bit more straightforward than the other methods.


The other consideration is that if i can get it to work - there's no drain on my pitiful pension :D




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Keep in mind that you are missing out on some very useful or even essential features (i.e. once you start using them and realise what you've been missing) of full ACR by sticking with the Elements version. Adobe lists these as:

The Tools Photoshop Elements does not have:

Image Adjustment Tabs Photoshop Elements does not have:

There are some serious tools in that lot which do not require a steep learning curve.


GIven the rumours that Lightroom is going to be subscription only with the next version and it is still available as a standalone, I would still recommend buying version 5. Down the line you may well find that you have to subscribe to stay up to date and that would definitely hurt the pension more in the long term than the present pain would likely do.

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