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Digitally Altered - definition - dos and don'ts

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Thanks guys.  This is all really helpful.  I'm only likely to make minor amendments which would not affect the integrity of the image, but from what I've read here (especially the guidelines posted by Julie Edwards) I wouldn't be comfortable making such amendments and not referencing exactly what has been done.  I'm not shooting news, but I need to be morally comfortable with what I do.

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If I do some minimal architectural 'straightening' in PS (if not exactly 'right' in camera) or blend of two or more images to make a panorama then I don't class either as digital altering even though both are techniques of digital manipulation. 

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What do you think about what is or not "digitally altered" in relation to special photo techniques?


1. What about a panorama: I mean stitching 2 or more images? Is this "digitally altered", due to the blending process?

2. What about a spherical panorama if everything is reproduced as is and the reality is respected, just with a particular perspective?

3. What about a "panorama scan"? Those made with Smartphones?

4. What about HDR and Focus Stacking if the reality is respected? Natural looking HDR photos, for example.

5. What about "in camera" Stacking? Many cameras allow multi exposures of 2 or 3 shots - I don't mean bracketing here - and the result is still a single unmodified original Raw file.

6. What about using filters like a 10 stop ND Grad?
7. What about Star trails made with multiple exposures? Even though a long single exposure is possible, I find not so convenient to burn the sensor.
Certainly doesn't hurt to tell what's going on with a photo, anyway, but I think some cases, if not all, might pass in certain circumstances, that is, the photo is actual, reality is respected and processing is fair.
May be also panning and intentional blur might be cases. Who can really tell if that panning or blur are Ps effects?
I don't think here everything is so obvious about "digitally altered".
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