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Anyone live in Oldham, Lancs?

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I am trying to ascertain if a "painter" who is exhibiting his "work" in a gallery in Oldham is using several of my images of aborigines as derivatives without my permission.  This is a long standing saga and he has absolutely refused to contact me in relation to selling "paintings" of my work as derivatives without a license to do so.  He has actually won prizes for these derivatives and is flogging off the paintings for 800 pounds and more.   He had conveniently forgotten my condition that he could only use my work for private use and not commercial use.  


So if anyone lives in or near Oldham, I would much appreciate them contacting me, please.  I just need evidence, either photographic or a brochure with a list of work being exhibited.  



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Thanks John but the exhibition ended on 3 January 2015.  If I had been aware of its existence earlier, I would have posted a lot earlier.  Two Alamy photographers responded via PM but did not have an opportunity to get there in time.  I now plan to check out the Small Claims procedure in the UK and will post a separate thread.


Cheers and thanks again.


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