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Any Canon 7D MK II owners yet?

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A friend of mine treated himself to a new Canon 7D MK II for Xmas, yes i was envious of his new camera as being a long time user of the original 7D.


We went out yesterday shooting winter snow scenes and a few low flying Ducks, using both cameras ( old versus new ),  i was very impressed with the fast focusing and the handling of the new Canon, however when we put the images on the computer we did not see any real differences  in the images until ISO 800,  the MK II was just a little better with less noise than my old 7D, at 1600 ISO the MK II was that little bit better again.


I feel that the MK II is a better camera, however i am not sure that i would trade my old for the new and  hand over  approx €1100 after selling of my old 7D.


7D MK II owners it would be interesting to know your thoughts.



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I'd say Canon may want to be concerned. Four days and not a peep from anybody. I have a 70D and it's a nice camera and I'll stick with it as it's not overly heavy and the image quality is fine. The 7DII is overkill for stock, in my opinion, unless you go places where you need the weather resistance and ruggedness. Otherwise, it's too heavy. Seems to be a nice sports and wildlife camera from what I read around the web. If what you have works for you, save the dough.

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I treated myself to a 7DII for my birthday last month. For me it was a massive upgrade from a Rebel series and I'm still working my way up a very steep learning curve. I've spent the holiday at my local nature reserve practicing BIF shots, and I'm beginning to get to grips with the auto-focus - miles ahead of anything I've had before.


Yes it's heavy, but so are some of my lenses so the combination feels better balanced than before.


So far I'd give it 7 out of 10 - but that's down to me. When I get to know it better it might well be a 10!


A grab shot taken in my garden last week:



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Got a deal to sell my 7D that I couldn't refuse. When the check arrives I need to hit the store for the 7DII. I'm hoping for 2 or better fStops of noise reduction so I can do some more low light work. With the 7D at ISO 400 I could pass Alamy inspection but it was iffy at 800.

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It's certainly faster than the original. Some argue whether the IQ is any better with the same lens. Maybe best to wait to the first firmware release as some I know have had to send theirs back a few times for focus problems. I'll be missing it out in favour of a used 1D Mark IV to use with my 5D3. 

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