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A question to Fuji X100S users

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I ordered a X100S the other day and am waiting for delivery.


I am aware that general opinions are the JPEGs straight out of this camera are very good.  Certainly I am going to try and experiment with this camera.


However my main workflow is to make images in RAW and to convert them to DNG when downloading by using Lightroom.  Yesterday I came across a discussion on the internet (although it was an old thread) that someone was having problems with converting RAF to DNG.  


I use Lightroom 4.4 (version 10.9) and CS6 on OSX 10.94.  Do you think I will have the similar problem?  Or was this problem sorted out?


I would appreciate your experiences, advices and suggestions very much.


Many thanks





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I shoot raw with my X100S.  I have the latest version of Lightroom (creative cloud).  No problems converting - it handles it just like any other raw file.


I wouldn't expect to see any issue with Lightroom 4.4 as long as your updates are up to date.  You certainly shouldn't have trouble with CS6.

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Thanks, Ed.  I was dreading a bit as I didn't want to spend hours to sort things out.  As you suggested, I had better make sure my Lightroom is up to date.

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Now I am a proud owner of X100S.  I have been shooting with the camera for about a week.  I am really pleased with the IQ.


My new question to X100/S/T users is:-


In Lightroom 4.4 in Development Module/Camera Calibration, no other profiles are available other than Adobe Standard.  Are X100s profiles available? Or do I have to upgrade to Lightroom 5 in order to get them?

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If you shoot in RAW, you should be able to see the same presets as the camera under the Camera Calibration section.  If you don't see it, you may need to update Adobe Camera RAW for your version of Lightroom.  I think the latest update for 4.4 is Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 which helped to support the x100s raw files (and the Fuji X-Trans sensor)




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