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Have you found any Alamy photographs December 2014

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Mail Online 26th


BEFCN4  Kristoffer Tripplaar  The corporate headquarters of Marriott Hotels in Maryland

DDHNW1 Age Fotostock Krampus is a mythical creature recognized in Alpine countries, Campo Tures, South Tyrol, Bolzano, Italy, Europe

CCA83Y Vincenzo Dragani Domestic cat

C5D1TM Robert Matton AB Close-up of handmade Christmas goats on the tree

DG7TF5 Age Fotostock ´Caganers´ dressed as Santa Claus

D3A19W  dpa picture alliance  O Rolly Night.... Santa Claus jumps as he skates along the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg, 18 December 1996

B6FBKT Jenny Lilly glittery spider's web Christmas tree decoration

AHF0P4 Mary Evans Picture Library Family Christmas Dinner

D409D5 Jennifer Booher  Two holidays combine: radishes are carved into figures celebrating Dia de los Muertos for a tableau at Oaxaca's Noche de Rabanos

CBX2N2 Cal Vornberger   A Filipino Simbang Gabi procession heads to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City on the evening of December 3, 2011

D86XN9 jsphoto Fashion portrait of a young attractive woman wearing red underwear, photo with high contrast in front of blue background

CEWA5A  Alex Segre  ATM charging for cash withdrawals, England, UK

BMP8NM  Graham Oliver   Hanco standalone Link cash machine, England, UK

AK2JW1 Bubbles Photolibrary 2 overweight women eating icecream

D8BW0F   Thomas Koehler Kids watching cartoon on a TV

DBEEG5  Greg Balfour Evans  South Western Ambulance Service ambulance on call, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

BCNKYN   john sanders  uk ambulence service images. Emergency service reportarge

Edited by Bryan
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Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management

Paperback – January 1, 2015

by Edwin C. Leonard (Author), Kelly A. Trusty (Author)



Cover page of Chapter 2

Lisa Werner  :D



Cover page of Chapter 5

Michael Ventura :)



Page 42 …are interrelated. 4 Discuss the important mediacolor's / Alamy 

Page 63 …binding decision concerning a grievance Jim West/ Alamy
Page 98 …team members Super FIF/Alamy .
Page 126 …effects of racial discrimination. Marmaduke St John I Alamy 
Page 169 Lisa Werner/Alamy Essentials of Effective Supervision
Page 170 ... 3 Discuss the critical nature of ethics Michael Ventura/Alamy 
Page 223 …IS122/Image Source/Alamy 
Page 245 …example, for many years the workforce David Grossman/Alamy
Page 277 …title to find the accompanying resources.) David Grossman/Alamy
Page 320 ... Critical Incident Lisa Werner/Alamy Oprah 
Page 346 In some Jetta Productions/Blend Images/Alamy 
Page 366 ... Images/Alamy 4 Describe the hiring process and the importan…
Page 375 …obtained from personal sources, Peter Widmann/Alamy 
Page 499 Stefan Kieferf imagebroker/Alamy
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Environmental Science

Paperback – January 1, 2015

by G. Tyler Miller (Author), Scott Spoolman (Author)


Page 98 ... and urban pressures in Jaipur, India. Eastland Photo/Alamy
Page 117 …to reduce car use in Portland, Oregon ( ). Ken Hawkins/Alamy 
Page 171 …who killed this animal? Photoshot Holdings Ltd/Alamy 
Page 172 …from killing a cow for food? Photoshot Holdings Ltd/Alamy 
Page 215 ... Mike Goldwater/Alamy . This woman in Niger, West Af…
Page 357 ... Left: Peter Casolino/Alamy; Right: Drake Fleege/Alamy 
Page 365 …by malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Olivier Asselin/Alamy 
Page 441 …do you think are the most important? Why? Photo: Jim West/Alamy
Page 467 …rights restriction s require it. David Grossman/Alamy
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Understanding Dying, Death, and Bereavement

Hardcover – January 1, 2015

by Michael R. Leming (Author), George E. Dickinson (Author)
Page 261 …CHAPTER Real image/Alamy ...
Page 369 ... Allstar Picture Library/Alamy Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn…
Page 383 ... POOL Steve Skjold/Alamy Christian Fu…
Page 390 ... ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy 
Page 441 ... Allstar Picture Library/Alamy The following story is an e…
Page 588 …and Emergency department of NHS hospital—Realimage/Alamy 
Page 589 …CALIFORNIA CA USA—Allstar Picture Library/Alamy 370 …
Page 590 …coffin starts to burn in the cremation oven—Rolf Adlercreutz/ Alamy…
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Fundamentals of Management
Paperback – January 1, 2015

by Ricky Griffin (Author)


Page 71 …an organization will compete dpa picture alliance/Alamy THE…

Page 101 ... Jim West/Alamy Decision making plays a major ro…
Page 146 …involved in successful activities, Todd Bannor/Alamy The U.S.
Page 160 ... Nano Calvo/Alamy Abercrombie & Fitch has been a fashi…
Page 174 ... NetPhotos/Alamy technology Conversion pr…
Page 192 ... Ron Buskirk/Alamy IKEA is known for its innovative…
Page 205 …case of Wisconsin-based PCMC, which alMA Press/Alamy …
Page 214 ... Bernhard Classen/Alamy Amazon.com is known fo…
Page 229 …a union; also known as the Wagner Act Marc F. Henning/Alamy…
Page 292 …Employee Motivation and Performance Jim West/Alamy Sergi…
Page 392 ... ITAR-TASS Photo Agency/Alamy Cirque du Soleil makes …
Page 425 ... Jim West/Alamy Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchi…
Page 433 ... Jack Sullivan I Alamy Managers also forecast that demand for…
Page 464 …from Net-Zero? Try ###, then 32. RIA Novosti/Alamy Most lar…
Edited by Lisa
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Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Technology Update

Hardcover – January 1, 2015

by Raymond A. Serway  (Author), John W. Jewett (Author)
Page 103 …yf = 0.700 m. a epa european pressphoto agency Ism./ Alamy …
Page 592 ... ©The Art Gallery Collection/Alamy The falling blocks rotate …
Page 640 …value, as E2 decreases, r2 increases. - © INTERFOTO/Alamy N…
Page 654 …it to mechanical energy. © Mary Evans Picture Library/Alamy &…
Page 661 ... 10(page 662), © INTERFOTO/Alamy French engineer (1796-…
Page 694 …people and animals can best do work. © INTERFOTO/Alamy C…
Page 729 …located outside a closed surface. © Photo Researchers/Alamy l …
Page 1198 © Mary Evans Picture Library/Alamy In the experim…
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Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life

Hardcover – January 1, 2015

by Cecie Starr (Author), Ralph Taggart (Author), Christine Evers (Author), & 1 more


Page 77 …tailgate parties. CREDITS: (opposite) Travelart/Alamy; …

Page 85 …Source; right, © Cengage Learning; (18) left, FLPA/Alamy; right, …

Page 115 …(18) © Cengage Learning; (in text CT #2) Martin Shields/Alamy…

Page 252 …(2B) © Nico Stengert/Novarc Images/Alamy; (2C ) Re…

Page 256 …to survive, then it has CREDITS: (in text) © GL Archive/Alamy; (8…

Page 588 …I HOW ANIMALS WORK CREDITS: (6) © ZUMA Press Inc./Alamy;…

Page 810 …QT Luong; (18D) PepRoig/Alamy. P…

Page 855 …Learning;  (25) © Bob Gibbons/Alamy. H…

Page 858 …Studio', (30A) © H. Mark Weidman Photography/Alamy', (3…

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Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach
Paperback – January 1, 2015
by Margaret Lazzari (Author), Dona Schlesier  (Author)

Page 43 …Cambodia. Bas-relief. National Geographic Image Collection/Alamy.

Page 475 1.21: Ian McKinnell/Alamy; 1.22: Smithsonian …
Page 476 …103: vietphotography/Alamy.
Page 477 7.7:7.8: Hemis/Alamy; 7.9: B…
Page 478 10.32: Museum of Latin American Art; 10.33: David Cameron/Alamy ...
Page 479 …Amsterdam; 12.28: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy;…
Page 480 ... 28: Tribune Media Services; 14.29: Photos 12/Alamy; 14.30…
Edited by Lisa
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Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People

Hardcover – January 1, 2015

by John M. Murrin (Author), Pekka Hämäläinen  (Author), & 3 more


Page 11 …Art Library RGB Ventures LIG dba SuperStock/Alamy help…

Page 40 …What was its desired effect? North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy …

Page 59 ... North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy sinners shared its values.

Page 99 ... B Christopher/Alamy George Washington in the Unifo…

Page 122 …Education Images/Universal images Group Limited/Alamy co…

Page 150 ... a Archive/Alamy The Last Imperial Crisis Why did th…

Page 163 ... The Art Archive/Alamy The Surrender of Lord Cor…

Page 172 ... Art Fleuty/Alamy through London, smashing Catho…

Page 181 ... Ministers' salaries continued to NPS/Alamy be paid out o…

Page 189 ... ArtPix/Alamy ordinary men could afford to serve. In most states,…

Page 192 ... Joseph SohmNisions of America LLIC/Alamy Restored As…

Page 232 ... The Art Archive/Alamy these years, but the increase in…

Page 244 ... North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy classless industrial society…

Page 275 ... The Art Gallery Collection/Alamy give each child close attention. As …

Page 329 ... Niday Picture Library/Alamy religious instruction; they improved…

Page 392 …issue in the election, insisted Lincoln: Old Paper Studios/Alamy …

Page 603 ... 11 Vintage/Glasshouse Images/Alamy maintain…

Page 659 CHARLES PHELPS CLISHING/ClassicStock/Alamy A…

Page 703 ... war posters/Alamy U.S. Government War Poster T…

Page 722 ... PF/NA/Alamy Interpreting the Visual Past Government Mobilization…

Page 823 ... PF-(usna 1 ) / Alamy years, however, Carter's foreign policy ini…

Page 847 ... David R. Frazier Photo library, Inc./Alamy Container Shi…

Page 893 …Palm Beach Post/a1MAPRESS. corn/ Alamy The Preside…

Page 895 ... US Air Force Photo/Alamy ACA's expansion of Medicaid. Co…

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Times 27th


P35 ED40JH Newbury, Berkshire, UK. 26th December, 2014. At 10 AM Boxing day morning Royal fire control center at Reading Berks had calls to a large fire at Red shuttle business Park in Harmitage. Eddie Thurgood /Paul King/Alamy Live News



Times Weekend 27th





P4-5 C97H0X AfriPics.com Fallow deer at Holkham Hall and Estate, a 25 000 acre agricultural estate dating to 1750



P5 A22870  Robert Harding  The town of Keswick beside Derwent Water with Skiddaw and Blencathra behind Lake District Cumbria England UK R Rainford



P25 CEH1BK Ian Dagnall View of the old town from the walls of the Skala du Port with local fishing boats in the foreground, Essaouira, Morocco (cropped from centre?)


Edited by Bryan
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Guardian Online


pictures from beautiful Patagonia....



photographer ? Torres del Paine mountain

Robert Harding World Imagery Welsh style house

photographer ? Perito Moreno glacier

Martin Harvey Tourists hiking on a path towards Los Cuernos "the Horns" at Torres del Paine

ROUSSEL BERNARD view of Punta Arenas

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Thinktank sounds warning over female workers stuck on 'mummy track'
The Guardian
... their starting and finishing times.
Photograph: Stockbroker/Alamy.


image is B3K4CM - also used on Guardian website 19/12/14


Telegraph website - this image used at least 4 times this week:



- Lifestyle changes 'could protect 80,000 from dementia' 21/12/14

- Dementia report: 'Use it or lose it' to protect against disease 22/12/14

- Follow five golden rules to prevent dementia, says study 22/12/14

- Healthier living could prevent 600,000 cancer cases a year 25/12/14


I see that Telegraph search includes thumbnail images for top results:


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Countryside to drive UK startups with superfast internet, government ...

The Guardian
Better broadband will help more people set up businesses in the UK's rural ares, the government says.
Photograph: Misha/Alamy. 
The measure of the year: what was hot and what was not in 2014
The Guardian
Woman running Running in tracksuit bottoms is so last decade.
Photograph: Simon Dack/Alamy. 
Speeding fines surge to highest level since 2009
The Guardian
The president of the AA said the rise in fines indicated speed cameras were more efficient.
Photograph: Mark Sykes / Alamy/Alamy. 
A letter to … my cousin, who is a gambling addict
The Guardian
'You were vague about why you were so confident about the greyhound that you put £500 on. The dog didn't run.'
Photograph: Neil Setchfield/Alamy.
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Winter pink Cyclamen coum in full bloom


i (from The Independent)  |  27 Dec 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 39
This frosty scene could be stags in the Highlands...in fact it was Richmond Park, London, yesterday morning
Daily Express Weekend  |  27 Dec 2014  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 5
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Mail Online 27th


ED4D5F  Alan Keith Beastall  A four by four car maneuvers pass an abandoned coach as severe snow storm hits Mansfield Woodhouse in the East Midlands, England ( posted as Live News)

ED4D57  Alan Keith Beastall Several people abandoned coach as severe snow storm hits Mansfield Woodhouse in the East Midlands, England  ( posted as Live News)

ED494F Mapperley, Nottingham, UK. 26th Dec, 2014. UK Weather: Making snowmen in Mapperley, Nottingham on Boxing Day evening. The Met Office has issued a Yellow Weather Warning for many parts of the country. © Pete Jenkins/Alamy Live News

DNG6DH  Brian Jackson  Hacker stealing data from a laptop

AXB277  Mike Booth Ridley Road street Market Dalston Hackney London GB UK

BPXAYW  Peter Oliver Sir Robert Peel statue and the church of St Mary, the market place Bury Lancashire England

CW3PJ2 Greg Balfour Evans  Commercial Street, Newport, South Wales, Wales, United Kingdom

ACM5GC  Mike Kipling Elvet Bridge and Durham City England

EB5BE0 Wavebreak Media ltd Focused burglar standing holding laptop

DN9DN1  Craig Holmes Funeral Director undertaker

E97TN7 Alex Segre  Sunbathing on the beach, San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain

BDCAW4   AHowden   A man Bungy jumping with AJ Hackett Bungy off of Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand (the world's first commercial bungy)

CPYA7M  Hemis   Germany Berlin Hamburger Bahnof Museum fur Gegenwart Invalidenstrasse 50-51 former train station converted into Modern Art

C5BCKW Ian Dagnall  Alnwick Castle (used as location for Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter films), Alnwick, Northumberland, North East England, UK

A7TW1W Juice Images  Residents in a retirement home exercising

BG054J  Paul Williams Resort town of Atrani ; Amalfi Coast ; Italy

A7JN4K  shaun Robinson St Marys Lighthouse (think it's this one, cropped from LS to PT)

E76DM6  kevers   Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

ATHK67 Emilio Ereza   Obese woman

AP58PT  Emilio Ereza   Obese woman

A9R1E4  CW Images Dylan Thomas Boathouse Laugharne Carmarthenshire Wales

Edited by Bryan
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Guardian online 27/12/14
(some already reported by Lisa)

AB1W3B Mark Sykes - Gatso camera - Speeding fines surge to highest level since 2009

CB8WAK Misha - rainbow, Ullswater - Countryside to drive UK startups with superfast internet, government says

A37HA1 Peter Chadwick - Wheal Jane tin mine - Groundbreaking biofuel project brings new life to Cornish mine

BJMGCP Bon Appetit - dinner table - Are you ready for love in 2015?

A4C4J4 Neil Setchfield - greyhound racing - A letter to … my cousin, who is a gambling addict

CP5Y4C jeremy sutton-hibbert - wine glass - Wine: how to cut down the smart way

BY5WTY RTimages - wire shopping basket with fruit & veg - Book of the week: Good Food for Your Table

B6EX46 Digifoto Blue - piggy bank & calendar - A third of people plan to save less next year, research finds

EC363E lovethephoto - school bell - Secret Teacher: sending my boys to school taught me a lesson or two

C2XCXF Catchlight Visual Services - mother and daughter talking - The day I got my first period   


D3TA8F Helene ROCHE Photography - solar farm - The switch to renewable power is a battle we cannot afford to lose

Edited by Simon E
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Sunday Times 28th


P18 ED4P0W Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, UK. 27th December 2014. After the overnight snow beautiful sunny day idea for Family sledging down the former Linby Colliery tip, now transformed in to a country park . Mother and Son enjoying Sledging . © IFIMAGE/Alamy Live News


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Mail Online 28th


B1PP6X   Justin Kase Ambulances at hospital entrance for Accident & Emergency department

BHTGFG  Pat Tuson  London Ambulance outside Whittington Hospital Accident and Emergency Department A&E Archway England UK

DY9DXH Stuart Crump Visuals A Beefeater ceremonial guardian gives a talk to tourist's at the Tower of London, England UK

CEK5CE  Steve Vidler  England, Wiltshire, Stonehenge, Tourists posing for photographs at Stonehenge

DM810H Andrew Paterson Tourists near the entrance to Edinburgh Castle 

DEA1C9 Alan Novelli  A Great Orme Tramway Tram Climbing the Hills above Llandudno Seafront, Llandudno, North Wales, UK

CBJEBD  Richard Green Visitors and tourists at the Bath Abbey and Roman Baths, Bath Spa, England.

D91B9E Dorset Media Service West Bay, Dorset, Britain, UK

C2M94M Stephen Emerson  Giants causeway captured in the evening

E1XHXJ  moodboard Happy young woman taking self portrait through cell phone against Big Ben at London, England, UK

CPPPR8 CandyBox Photography Catering at business company event people choosing buffet food appetizers

C22JGB Kumar Sriskandan   Air travellers sleeping in the departure lounge, terminal 5, Heathrow airport, London UK

AY9M97 jaxpix  Thompson fly Tui plane on a stand at London Gatwick airport

CMXH84 Barry Lewis Check-in counters in busy departure lounge at Heathrow airport

AKAXC8 Roger Bamber A line of Jet airliners have to queue up and wait their turn to take off from London Gatwick airport at dawn

BM2EBH Rob Watkins  Woman asleep protecting bag luggage Heathrow Airport London England UK United Kingdom

A03HG2 Bill Sitzmann A man types at a laptop.

DNG6DH Brian Jackson  Hacker stealing data from a laptop

BJK4FG Keith Morris An anxious worried concerned teenage girl reading her Facebook page on a laptop computer at home, UK

AYR4RG  STOCK4B GmbH Young woman smoking a cigarette (part of), close-up

A57YT2 Bubbles Photolibrary  woman and child passive smoking

BGCWBJ Jon Helgason   Red party cracker isolated on white

CPM9KF Steven May Premium Bonds winner prize cheque NS&I

D2B1F8   Chris Howes  Car driving on a residential street at night, Penarth, Wales, UK

C1Y03E AKP Photos  Deserted suburban street at nigh

CC2FXH   CJG - Technology Close up view of a Caucasian woman browsing JCPenney online shopping store on an iPad 2 with wireless internet connection

Edited by Bryan
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BBC News Magazine  28 December 2014    The beauty, the journalist, and the Titanic    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30588404


ANJG9D    Titanic France Tribute    Mary Evans Picture Library  (cropped)


Edited by Graham Morley
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Fish in troubled waters: gulls flock above a fisherman on a long-line fishing boat in the North Sea




The Sunday Telegraph  |  28 Dec 2014  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 29
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