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Problem after zooming an image from a search.

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I have been going through some of my images and have found a glitsch.

After I zoom one of my images on a page of search results, if I try to return to the results I get the search BEFORE the last one, but with the last search term in the search box, which stops working.


So when I search my own images for Berlin, then Munich, and zoom one of the Munich images, if I go back - either by the back arrow or my back mouse button - I get the Berlin page, with 'Munich' in the search box but nothing happens if I click on the search. I have to edit the search box to something different (like removing one letter) then typing it back in before I can get the search back.



Is it just me?

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I tried this both ways - using the filter on the alamy page with my name and then also through the Alamy homepage for my pseudo.


I first searched for hackney pony. After those results, searched for grand bend. Clicked on to zoom a pic from the Grand Bend collection. Hit the back button and it took me to all the Grand Bend images.


So no issue for me. I use Chrome.



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