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3 sales; $34.84 net. Despite my CTR having been higher than Alamy's for months now.

Yet again,  I made more on an agency where I have <150 images (but can't add any more, before anyone asks the obvious; it's complicated).

Good piece of action if you can get it. Pity you can't add more!

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Looks like Alamy has been flushing out newspaper sales in October, so a total of 14 for me grossing $440 with one distributor. Not unhappy with this, but...


Worryingly a couple of textbook sales have come through at $80, whereas in days gone by they were typically bringing $160. Maybe older hands can comment on this?


Have to go back to July for any single licence more than $100.


Those higher textbook sales of yore definitely are fewer and farther between. Some it seems have been supplanted by lower IQ sales.



I had a 3-figure textbook sale about a month ago. The majority of my sales this year have been iQ, but two of those were the highest value sales I've had since July 2013.





That's good to hear. I had a three-figure educational iQ sale last month, but they are usually two figures. Had two regular (non-iQ) textbook sales in October, both three digits (good thing because everything else was low).

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