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Have you found any alamy images NOVEMBER 2014

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TRAVEL: The Guide: - Volume 1

Doug Lansky - 2014 
Page 188—189 PhotoAlto /Alamy
Page 192 Age fotostock Spain, S.L. /Alamy
Page 193 Leon Werdinger/Alamy
Page 194 Mark Pearson /Alamy
Page 195 Frans Lemmens/Alamy
Page 216 DustyDingo/Alamy :)
Many more here:
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French B for the IB Diploma Student Book


Jane Byrne - 2014 


p.7 dpa picture alliance/Alamy;

p.18 Juice Images/Alamy;

p.21GoGo Images Corporation/Alamy; 

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Compact Advanced Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM


Peter May - 2014


p.10 (online Observer) Alamy/ Clynt Garnham Technology;

p. 10 (online Magazine) Alamy/NetPhotos;

p. 10 (Kindle) Alamy/Martin Williams;

p. 13 Alamy/MBI;

p. 14 (luxury car) Alamy/niceartphoto;

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Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language ...


Mike Gould, ‎Marilyn Rankin - 2014 


p. 46 david pearson/Alamy;

p. 56 Directphoto Collection/Alamy;

p. 69 Jake Lyell/Alamy;

p. 75 Katharine Andriotis/Alamy;

p. 81 Ei Katsumata/ Alamy;

p. 86 James Davies/Alamy;

p. 91 Andrew Fox/Alamy; 

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Extraordinary Goats: Meetings with Remarkable Goats




Title page Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix/Alamy;

page 5 Image Asset Management Ltd. /Alamy, Prisma Archivo/Alamy, 

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Times 11th


P21 EAA0PT Alfriston, East Sussex, UK. 10th November 2014. UK Weather: The River Cuckmere in Alfriston, East Sussex has burst its banks after intense rain over the last 24 hours. ©James Barrett/Alamy Live News


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11/11/2014, London Evening Standard, p34, Space House in Kingsway, E5DY56, David Williams [Alamy credit only]
11/11/2014, London Evening Standard, p44, businessman on grass using laptop, B9X0NG, D. Hurst [Alamy credit only]

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Mail Online 11th


D3371G Keith Larby East of England Ambulance service vehicle outside the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London

BCT21G  Alistair Laming Welcome to Addenbrooke's Hospital sign Cambridge England UK

BGJ2RY Graham Oliver The Law Courts, The Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England, UK

AH2X33 JLImages Cappucino Coffee

C61BE6 Maurice Savage Main entrance to Liverpool Crown Court, Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts Derby Square, Liverpool L2 1XA

AATWBY Mike Kipling The Crown Court Building Middlesbrough Teesside Cleveland

D41N9G Anthony Brown Lady justice on the top of the Old Bailey in London, England, processed Photoshop Lomo effect.

CMRM99 Stephen VanHorn Fish oil capsules and container

ANRBH3 Keith Leighton Herring an oily fish on white background

B673EC Mark Harvey Prisoner sat writing in his cell

D29CMH steven gillis Bradford Law Courts West Yorkshire England UK

DE87ME PhotoEdit Wonga.com. Website of the Payday Loan Company. Wonga.com offer short term high interest credit to consumers and businesses. (Probably, several similar)

AJ5946 foodfolio CHEDDAR CHEESE


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7 NOV 2014



© Tim Gartside Travel/Alamy



© Chris Howarth/France / Alamy









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Travel Supermarket Blog

6 NOV 2014


15 pics to make you want to move to the Caribbean


The forest creatures also put on an impressive display. This macaw in the Netherlands Antilles helps to entertain resort customers (credit: Gaertner/Alamy).


There are myriad carnival celebrations throughout the Caribbean but a reliable biggie, where the reveller above (credit: Peter Widmann/Alamy) was found, is held on Trinidad and Tobago before Ash Wednesday every year.


Everyone gets in on the act, competing to don the best and brightest outfit (credit: Grant Rooney/Alamy).


You’ll just have to join in, too (credit: Steve Bly/Alamy).



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I just finished watching a program about Bette Midler on TV. There was a credit for Alamy at the end. It didn't have any other reference to image/images used. Thought I'd post here anyway. I wonder what kind of fee that would command? :)

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