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Have you found any alamy images NOVEMBER 2014

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BBC News Magazine 10 November 2014    Viewpoint: Why God was not killed by the Great War    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-29986843


BKEBYP    Belgian WWI soldiers in field attending last mass before battle at Pervijze, West Flanders during First World War One, Belgium    Collection Philippe Clement



Plus another I cannot find.

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Mail Online 10th

BA0AK7 OTHALA IMAGES Public beach in Sharm el Sheikh Maya Bay Egypt
B8P9DB OTHALA IMAGES El Fanar beach in Sharm el Sheikh Naama bay Sinai Peninsula Egypt
DN3PKR Paula Solloway Shoppers in an Aldi Supermarket, Leeds UK (twice)
BXDF0C Jim Holden A busy supermarket store - customers queuing in aisles.
C2F89C David Gee The maze at Hampton Court Palace. Middlesex. UK.
DH6WN7 P.D. Amedzro Tesco Extra Store, Woolwich, London, England, United Kingdom
C9CG5X Alex Segre Special offers in Tesco Extra supermarket, UK
AT4224 david tipling Peregrine Falco peregrinus Scotland winter
B14BDP T.M.O.Birds Song Thrush Singing on Perch (Turdus philomelos) in the uk
E3TG48 Phil Wills Plymouth Crown and County Courts, in Plymouth city, south Devon, UK.
C61BE6 Maurice Savage Main entrance to Liverpool Crown Court, Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts Derby Square, Liverpool L2 1XA

A2JATE DBA Images CHINA YANGTZE RIVER Viking River Cruise ship travels up the Yangtze River through the first of the three gorges Qutang

DYBXKP Pete Titmuss Woman using ATM at a branch of ASB Bank New Zealand

DG5NMF Don Mammoser Silhouette of young woman at sunset, Boca Chica bay, Dominican Republic

CTFD6E Phil Crean Abandoned and derelict construction sites in Tenerife. Unfinished due to the property crash and economic crisis.

E596TR Laborant Red wine being poured into wine glass

C8DT40 Ramen Handful of black grapes for Pinot Noir

CTGFJM Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Caucasian woman drinking red wine

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10/11/2014, London Evening Standard, p27, Langham Hotel, A891J1, mpworks [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/11/2014, London Evening Standard, p57, Naples harbour, CN9D3F, MAISANT Ludovic / hemis.fr [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/11/2014, London Evening Standard, p61, people in a meeting, credited to Alamy but can't find it

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Young Jews see bright future in Berlin but past weighs heavily in Israel

The Guardian
A cafe in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Despite rapid gentrification in some areas, rents remain generally lower than in London or Paris.
Photograph: Berlin-Zeitgeist/Alamy.
Career counselling for aspiring social entrepreneurs
The Guardian
... leadership programme for experienced professionals looking to transition into careers in the social enterprise sphere. Photograph: Alliance / Alamy/Alamy ...
Governments agree on new protections for polar bears
The Guardian
Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Alamy.
Guidelines were also settled for the first time on how best to protect birds and bats from wind turbines and other forms of ...
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A lovely pear: the Conference arrived in 1894 and has dominated sales ever since.

i (from The Independent)  |  10 Nov 2014  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 34
The Globe and Mail (Prairie Edition)  |  10 Nov 2014  |  Canada  |  English | Page: 6
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^ Cheers Graham - I just got lucky with a search for 'chaplain aeroplane'.



11/11/2014, UK, Guardian, p16, the Headington shark, ARDCG5, Christopher Griffin [Alamy credit only]
11/11/2014, UK, Guardian [Postgrad supplement], p4, graduates & certificates, B62WTC, Geoffrey Robinson [Alamy credit only]
11/11/2014, UK, Guardian [Postgrad supplement], p8, office interview, AM7GMY, A. Chederros [Alamy credit only]

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How to boil an egg, the Heston Blumenthal way

The Guardian
Just add buttered toast. 'If you understand how ingredients work, you have greater control over them.'
Photograph: Peter Atkinson/Alamy. 
Air rage: booze, drugs, stag-party obscenities – I've seen it all
The Guardian
'As fares have got cheaper, bizarrely people's expectations seem to be on the up.'
Photograph: David Pearsdn/Alamy.
Turkish firm must scrap olive grove coal plant, says government
The Guardian
Photograph: George Reszeter/Alamy.
Freezing eggs may help women pursue careers, but society must ...
The Guardian
... of reproductive biology are even looking forward to one day preserving them dry, at room temperature.'
Photograph: Universal Images Group Limited //Alamy.
Bullying: share your experiences
The Guardian
... at a woman and pointing his finger at her. Did you experience bullying at work or school?
Photograph: Blend Images/Alamy.
Google leases Nasa airbase for robots, planes and space exploration
The Guardian
... in San Francisco including the historic Hangar One as part of its expansion into robotics, aviation and space exploration.
Photograph: Aerial Archives/Alamy.
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