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Canon EF 100-400 or Sigma 150-500 or Tamron 150-600, what would you choose?

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I have the Sigma 150-500 for Nikon. I've had some good results with it handheld or on a monopod, especially close-up portraits at events




but, as said above, you need pretty good light. I can only use it on one camera - the one with focus fine-tuning as it needed some adjustment. It's not great for sport - I don't think the autofocus is quite fast enough.


In short, it's good value at the price but if the reviews of the news Tamron are good, that might be the better choice

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Lyn, we seem to have established that the 2X converter is not a viable option due to lack of f8 focussing, and at that aperture autofocus could hunt in low light anyway.  May I suggest either the 1.4X converter, giving an effective aperture of f5.6, or a combination of 1.4X converter and aps-c camera. An aps-c would give a focal length increase and use the sweet spot of the 70-200 lens; the 60D and 70D can be had for good prices at the moment, certainly cheaper than a decent lens.

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Phil, I have the Tamron on preorder but I'm still undecided about it (see my last comment below).


Joe, we are in agreement that the 2x converter isn't going to be a viable option for me.  If I had realized it wouldn't fully function with the F/4 I would not have purchased it.  I have a couple options; I can buy an F/2.8 lens that will work with it, or I can sell it off and purchase a zoom that works with my camera.  


I understand a 1.4 extender on the Canon 5DM2 or my 200mm lens on an APS-C sensor camera would both function better than the 2x but I've already tried similar options and want more reach with a zoom.  My NEX 6 with the 200x zoom is equivalent to a 330mm and it just doesn't have enough reach for me.  Also, I prefer full frame sensors. The images from the NEX 6 just don't compare with those from my 5DM2.  I can't see any reason to downgrade from a 5DM2 to a 60D and 70D when I'm mostly satisfied with the 5DM2.  I'm only dissatisfied with it's bulk and weight.


Honestly,if I could afford it I'd trade in my NEX6 and the 5DM2 with all the lenses for a Sony A7R with two lenses.  I thought the extender would be a cheap way to go for my Christmas vacation but maybe I should just rent a lens and save my money for the A7R next year.

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Given that you can return it, I would suggest you try the Tamron before ruling it out.  As I said, I am delighted with the results on my 5DIII.  It outperforms my (now sold) 100-400 in every respect.  Although it doesn't quite meet my 400 prime for sharpness, it is far and away an improvement for usability.  I checked Camera Canada and other Cdn stores and it appears you can have it within a week or so even though they are all out of stock at the moment.  I waited months for mine.



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Hi Lynn,


I wasn't suggesting chopping the 5D and would never suggest moving from full frame to a smaller sensor. However I was simply suggesting what I see as a cost effective way of getting a longer focal length, as with aps-c and 1.4X extender on the 70-200 f4 you have a 156-448mm f5.6 zoom for around £900; and of course they can also be used on your 5D.


I don't think many people would seriously consider the a6000 for wildlife, sport etc. It is excellent at what it was intended for and I don't believe that was wildlife photography with telephoto lenses.


My own belief, for what it's worth, is that camera bodies are pretty much disposable these days due to technological advances but good glass will always be good glass.


Good luck


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The bodies may be disposable but sadly, upgrading to the Mark III is beyond my current budget.  Instead I see keeping the 5DM2, adding lenses and possibly buying the Sony as an everyday carry camera.  Hopefully in another year my savings will increase and the cost of the Mark III will drop and I'll already have the lenses I need.

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