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Measures update

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I received 4 new zooms this morning and three of them were not from yesterday..... or the last few days, just appeared. Doesn't inspire confidence. 


I would imagine most people would be understanding if there was a problem, it happens, it would just be easier if they said that there was one and they are in the process of fixing it and tell us when it's done. 

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I had a sale drop in yesterday for an image used in September. Are sales commonly reported after the fact or is this a system correction? I've also had three zooms since yesterday after a lengthy dry spell.


They can turn up some time after they were used. Alamy clients are likely to have T&C's that state how and when they must report/pay by. I know of one image that was used in a book and is currently on sale.... I was invited to the book launch, but as yet not showing up here. I give it a while before chasing.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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