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Okay, my images have appeared in Track Submissions -- at just before 4PM Oxford time this day.  :) Zooms? What are zooms? I had a nice sale last week, but people have stopped zooming my images. Does it cost you money to zoom me once in awhile?  :angry: 

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I uploaded a batch of 20 Sunday Evening 8 pm, and they have now appeared at about 4pm, today Monday.


I do not bother too much when a glitch like this happens, in my experience Alamy always sorts them out with no prompting from me.


As my shortest time ever from upload to sale was 66 days, and my "youngest" image sold so far was uploaded last May, a few hours or days delay in the system matters not a jot.


Any delays on news would be a different matter of course. . .

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I've also been having the uploads not show up.  I guess I'm too laid back, because I just didn't worry about it.  Usually when I logged on at a later time, the upload appeared.  I just uploaded 6 and they didn't show up.


I checked this thread, went back and looked, and the upload appeared.


Maybe I have enough other things in my life that are more important and relegate this problem to the bottom of the list.  :P  Or...not on this list at all!

Now the almost total lack of zooms, I am more concerned about.



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