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Just a heads up about the new service they're offering, "Lattice". 

You may have seen the email but just in case you hadn't seen the bit on the bottom, it says that if your images are part of the scheme, they will be displayed without your watermarks.... they also look rather large! I've opted out as I don't need to make my images any easier to nick than is already possible. You are automatically opted in. Opt out is under account details. 

"IMPORTANT: Lattice optimizes image display without using watermarks on images. If for this or any other reason you do NOT want to allow your images to be added to Lattice boards, you may choose to opt-out completely. You’ll find this option in your PhotoShelter account settings, here."

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I read through the Photoshelter announcement again this morning.  It sounds like this will be rolled out in phases (with room for improvement would be my guess).  When I first read the announcement yesterday it sounded to me more like a light box that buyers can use.  the announcement does state that only select folks will be accepted as "users" first.


I'm going to wait and see how it evolves.  I was very surprised to read that there are over 200 million photographs in the collection.

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