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Power nap? Sounds like "energetic resting." Both oxymorons, no?


I lived in the hills above Fishguard once for four months, had car, so I know some of Wales. I liked it a lot, but being dyslexic, found the road signs most upsetting. I developed a taste for siestas, pasta and red wine while living in Rome.


Oh! Zooms. Would you believe I can't recall a zoom ever resulting in a sale . . . and sales and price are the important numbers, no? 



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Mine is a different issue. Alamy measures reports 39 zooms, but when I click on the link there are 28 images and the totals with multiple zooms are actually 43. Another odd thing a friend who's also with Alamy pointed out.... when we were looking over sales most of mine have no zooms. Like somebody licenses my images without even looking at them (or zooming at least.) Not that I'm complaining ;-)





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Since only certain zooms count (from certain clients, under certain conditions), a client could at some point zoom on image, and then at some point license that image, without the zoom counting.


I'm guessing sales (fee, quantity) stats count way more than zooms in one's Alamy Rank

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They really should be doing regression testing before they put any changes live.


I've had 0 zooms so far this month.


There was a search yesterday on my name. I share the name with an Ice Hockey player and a few others so that could have been the reason but I only got 58 views...


I've had no zooms since the changes  :( Plenty of views but no zooms. I was beginning to think sales had dried up too, but then one popped up today. :)



A couple of zooms this week - at last. :) My feeling is still that zooms are down since the changes. What are major contributors seeing now the dust is settling on the changes? Are zooms still down overall?


Update: Well I'll be darned! Whilst I was writing this post 3 more zooms have appeared. That's better  :)  :)  :) .


Maybe that's the trick? More forum postings = More zooms!  ;) .


Still hard to draw meaningful conclusions from my small collection though.

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