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Have you found any alamy images OCTOBER 2014

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USA, Food Network magazine, Nov 2014 issue


All photos are just credited to Alamy


Pg. 22, a single acorn nut that I could not find


Pg. 22, wooden rolling pin (image flopped), C34M1E Sergey Skleznev


Pg. 22, Thermos mug (image flopped), C1M663 Musk


Pg. 22, Green tea (image flopped), CWBYFH Superstock


Pg. 44, Pie slice that I could not find


Pg. 44, Whipped cream, D80A65 Natalia Natykach


Pg. 44, overhead view of milk in a glass that I could not find


Pg. 46, Clock at 6, DCJNCP YAY Media AS


Pg. 46, Another clock at 12 but could not find it.


Pg. 46, Slice of berry pie (image flopped and cut out), Not sure of the image number since many similars, maybe this one D9N6TX Brent Hofacker




Pg. 46, Cooked turkey, AT2CH0 D. Hurst


Pg. 46, Rosè Champagne that I can't find


Pg. 210, Pumpkin pie slice (cut out), B61RNK Bets LaRue  :) 



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20/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p14, estate agents' boards, DC27RM, Guy Bell [Alamy credit only]
20/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p32, Imperial College, BAFA47, Hufton + Crow/VIEW [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p51, Tesco extra, CCAXJ1, eye35 [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
20/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p61, Camden Lock, E6HMCH, still light [Alamy credit only]

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Mail Online 20th

B36E5A Stuart Aylmer A woman house hunting, looking through a high street estate agent's window.
A7P4JG Andy Myatt The Old Bailey London UK
ATFB9G Richard Splash A young mother pushes her child past a group of men in themed t shirts out celebrating a stag party along Blackpool s promenade.
D3TBX2 Elisabeth Blanchet Hen parties in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, July 2012

ATFATX  Richard Splash A male punter receives a bare bottomed spanking from a stripper

AKD1H3  Tim Cuff  A pest eradication expert poisons Japanese knotweed in Cornwall England UK

E754RH  Sam Pollitt  Thomas Cook Boeing 757-200 climbs away from runway 23L at Manchester Airport.

CC5E1T  Greg Balfour Evans  Entrance to Newcastle International Airport, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England, United Kingdom

DF0GGT  Helene Rogers  A Pile Of Xbox Games

D95TFB  robin palmer  Glenfield Hospital signage, Leicester, public access from A50 south bound

CEAC82  Andrew Melbourne  The entrance to Leicester Royal Infirmary.

APT4DX  Rob Wilkinson  young mixed race couple choosing from a menu in a cafe restaurant

BEWM16  SuperStock Woman holding a menu card and talking on the phone, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

B0BF5T Juice Images152  Senior bride and groom drinking champagne, smiling, portrait, close-up

AC814H  ian nolan  Glass of champagne

DCJY4A  Hanna Slavinska  picnic lunch on a wooden board including a wine,bread,cheese,olives,jamon and grapes

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Supreme court to decide whether US government can 'strip' felons ...
The Guardian
Photograph: Prisma Bildagentur AG / Alamy/Alamy.
The US supreme court agreed on Monday to decide whether a Florida man convicted on drug charges and ...
Boy, five, tells how younger sister was beaten to death by stepfather ...
The Guardian
Photograph: Steve Skjold / Alamy/Alamy.
The five-year-old brother of a three-year-old New York City girl police say was fatally beaten by her stepfather over the ...
Killer spider found in family's supermarket shopping
The Guardian-8 hours ago
Brazilian wandering spider The Brazilian wandering spider is normally found in the tropical forests of South America. Photograph: Barry Turner / Alamy/Alamy.
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16 OCT 2014


Leaf-Peeping Paradise: The Finger Lakes

Fall foliage turns Watkins Glen State Park in New York's Finger Lakes region into a colorful wonderland.

Photograph by Dennis MacDonald, Alamy



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More from Hallowe'en in the USA


BJA7JT Amar and Isabelle Gullen




Underwater Pumpkin Carving - Not found on Alamy

CreditL Amar and Isabelle Gullen/Alamy



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Ebola health workers must be covered head to toe, say new US ...

The Guardian
New US guidance for healthcare workers advises total coverage of the body to minimise the risk of Ebola infection. 
Photograph: Gino's Premium Images/Alamy.
Tutankhamun does not deserve this 21st-century desecration
The Guardian
... death and longing to live reflected in Tutankhamun's frozen eyes.'
Photograph: Robert Harding Picture Library L/Alamy. 
Business and academia join forces to tackle UK food security
The Guardian
... look at how universities could produce graduates and research that can help find solutions to the UK's food security issues.
Photograph: Andrew Fox /Alamy ...
Pubs merger: Spirit ready to accept Greene King's higher offer
The Guardian
Greene King owns 1,900 pubs and restaurants, including the Loch Fyne and Hungry Horse chains.
Photograph: Holmes Garden Photos/Alamy. 
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21/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p37, bowl of almonds, CR2T2C, Chariclo [Cropped & cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p41, Geffrye Museum, DD7F85, Steve Vidler [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p48, cup of tea & biscuit, BB0YN2, Realimage [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
21/10/2014, London Evening Standard, p49, woman looking at bills, C4TG03, Chris Rout [Circular cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Mail Online 21st

D252R3 Jochen Tack Use of a credit card in the Internet, typing credit card number on a computer keyboard.
CN3XGP Dan Fisher Gloucester Crown Court, Gloucestershire UK - Main Entrance
E967D0 Newhaven, East Sussex, UK..21 October 2014..Remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo whips up the waves at Newhaven. Increasing wind from the South West but still warm for the time of year. David Burr/Alamy Live News
E967D9 Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan, UK. 21st October, 2014. The tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo arrives on the Welsh coast early this morning bringing storm force winds and heavy rainfall. Graham M. Lawrence/Alamy Live News.
E967CD 21 October, 2014, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. The remnanats of Hurricane Gonzalo bring high winds to the west Wales coast. However the relatively low height of the high tide helps Aberystwyth escape the kind of damage which occurred earlier in the year, atgof.co / Alamy Live News

A2GN87 Libby Welsh elderly woman with copper support for arthritic wrist keeping warm in winter with a hot water bottle

CFDW7Y  Jeremy Lightfoot  Burgh Island, Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe

APA5G7 Clive Limpkin Burgh Island & Hotel, Devon, UK, from Bantham Beach. 27/8/2006.

D746A0  WWPhotography  The Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel, Devon, England

BJRMMT Steve Speller  The sun lounge of the Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel near Bigbury on Sea, Devon, UK

BG49AE Larry Lilac   A supermarket trolley full of groceries

C3XP8C  Roger Coulam  The Law Courts on Newcastle upon Tyne's Quayside

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