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I use Easy Release. Its the only one I knew of to be honest but its great because I have a Galaxy Note so I can use the pen to take the signature and it then emails as a PDF to myself and the model.


Its around £6 from memory but well worth it if you do lots of releases.



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Easy Release has in the past been approved by Alamy for use by contributors here.  Applicationgap have a link on the app's home page to a blog post here mentioning the app: http://www.alamy.com/Blog/contributor/archive/2010/04/01/4808.aspx But this link is no longer active sine the blog was restructured by Alamy a short while ago.


The app has been mentioned a number of times here in the forum and is apparently very good (I haven't yet used it myself).  £5.84 on Google Play

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Easy Release because it was one of the first offered in the iTunes store. It includes a model release, minor release, and property release which you cam modify according to your needs. You can also insert a photo of the model and email it to them.


At the time I downloaded it, there was another developer who offered model releases. I think the app was free but they charged for each release.


ASMP also offers a free no-frills model release from their website.



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