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Trouble to upload to Stockimo since upgrading to Os8

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Which iPhone and how are you trying to connect?


During the hour and 8 minutes it took my to download iOS 8 someone sent me one of the many articles listing reasons why I shouldn't upgrade my 4s to IOS 8. Among other things, these articles list performance loss, battery drainage, and a screen size that's intended for larger phones.... So I promptly deleted it.




I've also found the Stockimo seems is very slow when it connects via cell phone. I'm usually only able to connect over wi-fi.



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Hi fotoDogue,


I use the 5c, and usually connect via Wifi, but the Wifi, now that I have upgraded, doesn't seem to work proper...

I now go faster via cell phone than Wifi... Go figures...


Have a good day,


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We sent an iOS8 compatible update to the App Store last week. We're just waiting for Apple to approve it. We imagine they're inundated with iOS8 updates.

It should be hitting your updates page shortly. Keep an eye out for it.


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I'm hoping the new version has reject reasons and breaking news added.


Probably not since it's v1.2.2 From what I understand reasons won't be included until v2.


Has anyone with a 4s and iOS 7 downloaded the new version? I'm reluctant to ungrade since everything is working fine with the older version under iOS 7.



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