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Calling Dog Breed Experts

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As a former poodle breeder who showed them briefly, and groomed poodles for a living, I think this is an toy apricot poodle, full-blooded. Toy size is determined by being 10 inches or smaller measured from the shoulder to floor.  Miniature, I believe, is anything more than 10 inches to 15 inches.  Anything over 15 is a Standard poodle. (boy, not fun to groom those, haha)


Apricot is the color, which can range from a very pale tan/orange to a deeper shade.  The muzzle doesn't look quite as refined in this picture because the hair has grown out some.  Normally, it is shaved close.  This is a pet haircut, not used for shows like Westminster, nor the shows I showed in. Of course, in the U.S.  Things might be different in other countries.


My daughter has a poodle, and her muzzle looks much the same as this one when she is a few weeks or more than a month past her last grooming (hair cut).  Most people have their poodles groomed every 6-8 weeks, so they can look very different from Day 1 to near the next grooming.


I'm no expert.  I've just been around poodles continuously for a few decades, either my own, or close family members.  I've owned white, silver, black, apricot. Toy poodles for the most part, one or two miniatures.

Just my humble, worthless opinion, so don't jump on me. ;)



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