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Fed up in the UK - where can I go?

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And then there's that philosopher Stills that said these wise words.

Nice place too btw.




Hi Wim:


Drawing attention to that song prompted me to dig out this photo I took hitchhiking with my brother (on left) down Highway 101 from Oregon

to LA in 1977.




In the rain.





Oh my, yes that was how we, over here in Europe, looked like too. Didn't make it to the US of A until 10 years later. And while we did not have a lot of money (just bought a house), we didn't have to hitch rides any more.

Thought I recognized the area in the clip and looked for half an hour on Google where it was, until I saw that it was mentioned in the comments ;-) 

I was more than10 miles off. 



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