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September photography challenge is `Music`

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The theme for the September challenge is `Music` (instruments, buskers, sheet music, absolutely anything linked to music ! )


The rules are the same, no more than three photos per person, you must be the owner of the pictures and the closing date is 30th September. 

I will pick the top 8 images and then the choice will be yours.


(My pics will follow when i work out how to upload them again !!)


Best of luck to you all,

Adrian aka Ace  ;)


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Hard one this!



Female fiddler - Whitby Folk Festival



Cornet or Trumpet? In support of striking public employees.


Bagpipes, Sackbuts and Saxophones allowed but NO ACCORDIONS !

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Thanks for an interesting topic, Ace;

Heres my three...




Guitarist in Trinidad town, Cuba




Busker at Bath Abbey, Somerset UK




The Witchmen morris dancers, Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival, Cambridgeshire





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Hard to choose just three.  I'm going to pick three with a world music theme: a sufi dance from Istanbul, Turkey and outdoor musicians from Morocco - Marrakech and the desert.



Whirling Dervish Sema Ceremony with musicians and women dancers Istanbul





Happy Gnawa street musicians in Marrakech swinging their tarboosh tassels in time





Pigeons du Sable Gnawa music group in white turbans and jellabas playing in Khemliya Morocco


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#2 from me


This gentleman is playing a carpenter's saw. I guess you could say that his music is on the cutting edge.




By one definition, a gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but choses not to.   :)

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