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Back Up Strategies and SD Cards

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M-disc looks interesting and US prices look affordable (40ish disks at ~$200 for 1Tb) - need to see if I can find a UK supplier of media. At that price it will cost me about $60-100 per year going forward. It potentially makes multiple off site backup affordable - never felt comfortable relying on magnetic HD for the long term back up.


My old CD and DVD archive started shedding its coating after about 5 years. fortunately I also had most of it online (and it was scans of film - which I still have)

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So I sprang for a Blu-Ray M-Disc (internal) burner and stack of 15 25-GB discs. Total cost in Germany of about 150 euros, taxed and delivered. Discs at this price run about five euros each, or 20 cents per GB of storage.


What I like most about this approach is the claim of rock solid permanence of the medium, as well as the fact that the medium is not married to the motor that spins it.

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Quite satisfied with Taiyo Yuden T03 archival DVDs . . . although of late been using HDs only . . . but have been reconsidering this strategy after an acquaintance recently got in touch to see if I still had copies of a shoot we shared a few years back . . . hers was backed up on HD, mine (lucky for her) on DVD. Her HD was RS (although she probably could have paid some ridiculous premium for some forensic-type retrieval of data thereon), whereas my DVD backup just sorta . . . worked. Perfectly. Still.


I've half decided to archive everything on 2xHD, but critical stuff (family and stuff submitted to various outlets etc) on to TY DVDs as the extra line of defence.



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