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Have you found any Alamy photographs August 2014

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Mail Online......



AF3M0E Marc Hill Stonehenge

 photographer ?? Edinburgh Castle



 photographers ? Airport delay pictures, Heathrow

AYY4B5 Jack Sullivan Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus



DXE86E Dennis Hardley Jet2 boeing 757 airliner



photographers ?? subjects are......sunset over Lake Windemere, Blackpool pier, bathers on Polzeath Beach in Cornwall, Busby soldier in sentry box


Guardian Online....



photographers ?? red & grey squirrel pics



photographer ? East Coast train at station



A67GCE Gianni Muratore filling the shelves at asda supermarket



CMP1BB Ashley Cooper pics tidal energy turbine on the dockside in Kirkwall, Orkney

photographer ? windfarm & power station chimneys silhouette




and for anybody who likes a Leica....





photographer ? East Coast train at station


David Kilpatrick





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Mail Online 24th


BFN1WH Philip Scalia  Rotunda, modeled on Pantheon, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, founder and architect Thomas Jefferson

C440HE Robert Stainforth  Immigration - Terminal 5 - Heathrow Airport - London

D916X0  Johner Images  Woman filling car with petrol

CTWY93  Raymond King  Dartford Warbler on gorse bush.

C2E1TJ  geogphotos  Plaza people city council offices Portsmouth Hampshire England

D1WET1 Phovoir  I told you so!

BHCPG0  Paul Burns  Woman punching man's face in office

E4T4M1  SJH Photography  Standard Life logo on the side of the Standard Life building, Edinburgh

CWGWR8  JoeFox  standard life head office in the lothian road financial district of edinburgh, scotland, uk, united kingdom

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August 18, 2014


The Country Where You Can Get a Beer With the Royal Family

Liechtenstein, Village Of Balzers

Image ref

 Education Images

 Universal Images Group Limited

© Universal Images Group Limited / Alamy



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25/08/2014, UK, Guardian, p10, St Bees Head, ACT273, David Lyons
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian, p18, Roche Tamiflu capsules, BD7D1Y, kolvenbach [Alamy credit only]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p7, cutout of Utopia sign, credited to Alamy, that I can't find
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p9, carton of orange juice, BM4W4T, studiomode [Cutout. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p11, ukelele, D403MM, Anthony Brown [Turned 90 deg. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p12, human muscles, DTYFMY, Science Picture Co [Alamy credit only]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p13, gluten free bread, DG3KY6, Rafael Ben-Ari [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p18, Glasshouse Hotel in Edinburgh, A6RH32, David Kilpatrick [Alamy credit only]
25/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p19, New College in Cardiff, AHMNHF, Jeff Morgan 12 [Alamy credit only]

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One in five UK families can't afford seaside day out

The Guardian

Photograph: Mark Boulton/Alamy.

 The traditional "bucket and spade" August bank holiday outing to the seaside is now out of reach for one in five UK ...


How to ... get female voices into farming research

The Guardian

Photograph: Sean Sprague/Alamy.

 Imagine a typical scene in agricultural research for development: a group of predominantly male researchers visit a group of ...


Star-crossed wolves produce litter of seven

The Guardian

Photograph: All Canada Photos/Alamy.

On 1 March 2012, a camera trap set by a hunter in a remote valley in the Dolomites in Italy captured footage of a wolf.

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25 AUG 2014


Time to stop the great bride giveaway

The Guardian

Photograph: Richard Barley/Alamy.


Your correspondent (Letters, 22 August) appears to be unaware that, since the year 2000, the Church of England marriage .


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TIME-LIFE Mysteries of the Unknown:

Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained

Paperback – September 16, 2014


Cover: age fotostock Spain, S.L. / Alamy

(can't find it)



COVER: nagelestock.com / Alamy


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25 AUG 2014


Japanese politician hopes wrestling can ease international tensions ...

The Guardian


Photograph: Hajime Takashi/Alamy.

(Credit Image: © Hajime Takashi/Jana Press/ZUMAPRESS. com)


It might not be the Rumble in the Jungle or at King of the Ring level, but an international pro-wrestling tournament set for the ..


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26/08/2014, UK, Guardian, p32, pint of beer, ARWWTT, Will Stanton [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p2, snowplough, AT47WT, funkyfood London - Paul Williams [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p3, polo player, APYE3D, Michael Chevis [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
26/08/2014, UK, Guardian G2, p12, silhouette of woman at window, C5CXPE, Nicklas Blom [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]

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Daily Mail [uK] 26 August, page 43
Scottish Daily Mail [uK] 26 August, page 47
A3175H Woman holding ice cubes foodfolio



Daily Mail [uK] 26 August, page 36
Scottish Daily Mail [uK] 26 August, page 36
CT2G80 Colorful hair rollers stacked isolated on white background Elena Elisseeva

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Walk Magazine autumn 2014

DENHN2 Paul Weston Walkers in Thwaite p 9

CRK073 Stu Clarence Mill, Bollington p 10

B2M4HF Gregory Wrona Hiking on Isle of Wight Coast Path p 12

AYF6F1 Howard Taylor Autumn in Stanmer Park p 13

AEYB2R Motion Pictures Lorry passing 50 mph speed limit sign p 15

AK699Y Peter Chisholm Aonach Eagach ridge p 25           

D4M7FW Izel Photography Hiker on Jack’s Rake p 25

B177NM Peter Chisholm Hikers on Ben Arthur p 26

B3KNTJ Mark Salter Scrambling across Crib Goch p 27

AD4KX9 Cols Travel  Climbers on Tryfan north ridge p 28

CECBKM Martin Cooke Striding Edge p 29

CXJJTH ICP / incamerastock Grey Seal at Donna Nook p 43

D6TE8Y FLPA Sea Bindweed p 44

DGH387 FLPA Yellow Horned Poppy p 44

AP71J1 Gary K Smith Sea Blite p 44

CNJ7E4 FLPA Snow Bunting p 45

A637MC Stephen Dorey - Gloucestershire Forest of Dean

CN44F0 Stephen Spraggon Dunkery Beacon p 67

AY4WFB Julie Mowbray Edale Derbyshire p 77


For DACS 9771752729013

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USA, Washingtonian magazine, September 2014 issue


Pg. 14, Redskins name protester(cut out of just the protester), DG8Y14 EPA (credit to Alamy only)



Pg. 21, Michelle Obama signing books, D7N1GW EPA (credit to Alamy only)



Pg. 26, George W. Bush (cut out), BKNC4D Kristoffer Tripplaar



Pg. 42, Donkey, DA8774 Mim Friday



Pg.78, Fencer (flopped), AXMAXE Tetra Images



Pg. 85, Esther Williams (flopped and cut out), BPTMBM AF Archive



Pg. 90, Making pottery (Flopped), BP5F8W Bill Freeman



Pg. 110, Man getting a haircut (cropped to a landscape), CXX2KX Juice Images



Pg. 192, A loaf of bread and old knife on a wooden cutting board,  Could not find

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Girl sexually assaulted while waiting at bus stop in Leamington Spa

The Guardian

Photograph: Mike Abbott /Alamy.

A 16-year-old girl has been sexually assaulted while waiting at a bus stop. The assault happened in broad daylight at ...


Ellen Burstyn to direct her first feature-length film at 80

The Guardian

Photograph: Moviestore collection Ltd/Alamy.

Burstyn won the best actress Oscar for Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Martin Scorsese's 1974 comedy ...

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