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Hello everyone,
What are the experiences with the Sigma DP2 Merrill camera on Alamy? Problems with QC? I intend to use Sigma in RAW mode, ISO 100-200 ..

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Sigma dp2 is not on Alamy recommended camera list.


Having said that the Fuji X-T1 is not on the list either but a lot of contributors are submitting images from it and they are being accepted.



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Allan, the previous generation DP2 cameras, which only had 4.6 mp were (I suspect) all considered 'unsuitable' by Alamy albeit the Foveon sensor being somewhat different to a Bayer sensor in measuring resolution. The DP2M and all the Merrill generation have over 14 mp.


I have a DP2M and, as the look of the files can be quite distinctive, I've been keeping it for personal work but maybe I will use it for Alamy too at some point.

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It's fine. In fact I regard it as an exceptional camera I have a number of images on Alamy taken with it and the sister DP1m. It uses the same sensor as the SD1, which is on the approved list, but it has an exceptional fixed focal length lens, so its arguably better than the SD1. As with every camera, process carefully, but also don't use the DP2M for high ISO work.


The latest DP2 Quattro should be available by late summer with even higher quality files

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