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Newbie question about model release.

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With the exception of news, the best way to protect yourself is to only use professional models who you pay to sign model releases. This will not completely protect you, so purchase errors and omission insurance. Mine costs CDN$800 per year.


The petapixel link is interesting, but the case will not change much. I think these are two people trying to make money from sex. When you do that, you are entering a very dark world. They are welcome to each other, and the sky is only falling on them.


A model release is only a contract. Any contract can be challenged. Any fool can sue.


Some clients think that a model release gives them the right to use the image for absolutely anything. I know of one case where a model released all american family portrait was use to illustrate a magazine article on incest. A real, not posed by models, middle class family consisting of mom, dad, two young daughters. The family had signed a model release in return for professional photography and free prints. For dad incest was a bridge too far. Lawyers rejoiced, and after many billable hours settled the case out of court.


The publisher is responsible, but you can bet attempts will be made to pass the buck down the line. The photographer is at the end of that line, so make sure your paperwork is in good order.

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