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Time between sale and updation of sale in account

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Aamby Valley in Sahara Lake City in Maharashtra state, India, D8J082, Rakesh Dhareshwar/Alamy




The Guardian has already had the image on its website for this month . My account showed this image as zoomed in March .

But my account has yet to show it as sale .


I had two queries which I would be glad to get an answer for 

1. What is the average time you have experienced between an actual sale and the time it shows on your account .

2. Is it possible a sale was effected and the details were never updated on the contributors account ?


Thanks a lot for the answers, in advance.



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Unfortunately, Rakesh, it is a bit of a lottery and they get away with murder.


3 -4 months is around the average, but I've had newspaper sales take up to 8 months to come to fruition. My latest one took two months to be reported, back in January and it has still not cleared.

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I had some Newspaper sales (my first ones) at the beginning of April. The Times and Daily Telegraph sales were reported within a month.Sales to 4 other papers haven't shown up yet, but it sounds like I am doing well to have received what I have! 

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