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By the way, the above image of my daughter looking sullen having to play by the rules (and probably lots more other images) has been ripped off by a person/agency named blickwinkel.  They have more than 53,000 images, so checking them all is a non-starter.  Any suggestions about what I can do?


Never mind, I've found a hundred or so (including the homework picture) after going through less than half the collections of blickwinkel and McPHOTO.  I've had this problem before and member services fixed it.  I hope they can do their magic again.

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A no smoking e-cigarettes sign.





Kitchen workers must wear hair nets and beard covers. iPhone 5S (Stockimo)





Ignoring old fashioned rules, kind of like Stockimo. Mr. and Mr. chairs at a gay wedding reception. iPhone 5S (Stockimo)

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Here are my three, all for owners of dogs!   :)


I think the "Rule" is self Evident...




This was in Switzerland...The sign says "This is not a toilet for dogs"....




Sign seen on a house gate in Cambridgeshire





Sign seen on a house fence in Shropshire...



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My three.



Rules of the road





Building site rules





Fishing rules






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Ride a door's width from parked cars ... or on the pavement!






Please adjust your dress before leaving.





Canada Only:



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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my contribution :) Please Keep Off the Long Grass!



Tom - congratulations on being able to contribute and indeed contributing with only 4 images on Alamy!


Deserves a greenie methinks!



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Right folks. Two-and-a-bit days left.


So tear yourselves away from the new Alamy Dashboard, console yourself with the fact that, "at least my CTR isn't as bad as Russell's" and get some "Rules" pictures posted. Surprised we've had no slide rules yet...


This rule is inviolable - no more entries after midnight on Saturday 31st May British Summer Time. So as usual, you lot further West than than the UK need to bear that in mind. 

Edited by Russell Watkins
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