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I don't mean, "these are the rules". I mean that the subject for this month's challenge is "Rules". You can interpret that as broadly as you like.


The April comp was another high quality one and I'm surprised I got a look in, let alone win. Sheila must have had a tough time whittling that lot down.


The "Broom" shot was taken when I had some downtime doing up my house last year and run through CEP4 to extract some detail in the plasterboard. Now, if only the bugger would sell.


Usual rules (hoho!) - maximum 3 entries per photographer with the competition open until midnight on the 31st May.


The game is afoot...

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Three from me


Lest we forget. 








Lemmy rules, as I used to write on my exercise books. I don't do that now, mostly because I no longer have exercise books. Lemmy still rules, though.







Some fizzy drink with your dynamite, Sir? A miners supply shop in Potosi, Bolivia where the rules are very different from what we are used to.









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Do Not Feed The Alamy Alligators



Equal Justice



if everything else fails:




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No Monkeying Around





It's easy to see who makes the rules here.





No Words Necessary



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Wimereux,. It means 'footpath not dog toilet'.
Dubai metro.
Mechelen. Beware of the frog.
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My three entries.


In medieval Europe a strong castle was nessecary if you wanted to rule.




The Tree Swallow probably doesn't care about this rule:




Who rules who? The fox or the magpies?



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Lot's of choices again, but I settled on these:


Notice on blackboard of homework assignment:



Serious prep student in school uniform with ball:



By the way, the above image of my daughter looking sullen having to play by the rules (and probably lots more other images) has been ripped off by a person/agency named blickwinkel.  They have more than 53,000 images, so checking them all is a non-starter.  Any suggestions about what I can do?


Finally, we have

Red stop sign at Molokai Ranch that says WHOA:


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